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CEO Creates Quality Shorts in Half the Time With
Customer Stories
March 18, 2024

CEO Creates Quality Shorts in Half the Time With

Neelabja Adkuloo
4 min
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read

Read how Andrew Frazier, CEO of Small Business Pro University, repurposes live streams into shorts with’s AI video editing and social media scheduling features.

Q. What’s your use case of

One crucial insight I've gathered over the years is the necessity for every company to essentially become a media entity. At my company, we organize a power breakfast event and conference for entrepreneurs and small business owners, utilizing video content from these events for marketing, training, and development purposes. The most significant application of is our weekly livestream. Every Tuesday night, we host 'Leadership Live at 8:05, Talking Small Business,' a one-hour livestream that engages entrepreneurs and business owners in conversation. Following the livestream, we use to edit the video content, enabling functionalities that weren't previously possible. It dramatically increased visibility on platforms where we previously had little to no presence, like LinkedIn and YouTube shorts. This has significantly broadened business opportunities. 

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Q. How effectively does capture your narrative hooks?

It's quite remarkable. The edits made to the videos consistently meet expectations, almost as if there's a dedicated individual ensuring their quality. We're very satisfied with how the shorts turn out.

Q. What motivated you to start creating short-form content?

The desire was always there. Attempting to edit videos was either too costly or time-consuming, providing little value for the effort. has streamlined this process for us.

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Q. Can you quantify the time savings with

Editing used to take several hours for a single hour-long show, not to mention the outcome was never as satisfactory as what produces in about 20 minutes.

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Q. Which features of do you find valuable?

The ability to post directly from is a significant time-saver. It also helps to come back to the content later, making it easier to manage and repurpose as needed.

Q. How does help you ensure brand recall?

Consistency with brand colors and logos is crucial. I use a blue frame and place my logo in the corner. Attaching a video logo at the end and having the flexibility to edit text on the editor ensures the branding is clear and coherent.

Q. Has subtitling your videos improved watch time?

Subtitles weren't a priority previously, but they've proven to be immensely impactful.’s AI subtitling feature makes videos more accessible and engaging, especially on social media where people often watch videos without sound. Yes, it has improved the watch time to a great extent.

Q. How has contributed to achieving your marketing goals? not only saved me time and money but also significantly boosted the efficacy of marketing activities. It's been a key tool in reaching and engaging the target audience. 

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