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Founder Triples Output and Scales Business With

Founder Triples Output and Scales Business With

January 30, 2024
7 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Read how Emma Wainer, Founder of Speaking at Work, nurtures and converts active participants in her social communities by content repurposing with

Q. How does align with your marketing strategy?

When we first started using, our strategy was about visibility. So, initially, we focused on getting more eyes on us. That was our approach that year. Now, we are much more in the nurturing and converting phase. We are exploring how to convert more of those who are looking at us into active participants in our community.

In line with this strategy, we produce a video for YouTube twice a week – one longer video, usually around eight to 10 minutes, and at least one short video for YouTube. Additionally, we create content every day for LinkedIn, including video content. We've found that consistency is crucial, especially when promising to show up. So, for us, it's about creating and maintaining that content consistently.

We have good visibility on LinkedIn, and we are gaining visibility on YouTube. I'll share more about the numbers later, but what really helps us with is repurposing content. We have a vast back catalog of longer videos, and with, we can efficiently repurpose this content. We used to create 30 to 40 minute videos when we started on YouTube, but now we've adjusted to the audience's preferences and produce eight-minute videos. This change allows us to repurpose video content effectively and save a significant amount of time.

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Q. How has influenced your approach to storytelling?

Now, when I'm scripting the content, I think about it in chapters. I don't script word for word; instead, I create a mind map with chapters.

For example, chapter one is the introduction and hook, chapter two addresses why the content is relevant, and subsequent chapters focus on valuable content points, ending with a summary and a call to action. I am more intentional about adding additional stories or elements that would benefit the listener at specific points. This approach has made our storytelling more intentional, and’s auto video chapters feature has played a major role in enhancing our storytelling capabilities.

As I have observed, auto video chapters are a fantastic feature for reinforcing our brand identity. They allow us to maintain consistency and structure in our content. The audience knows what to expect at each stage of the video. It's like a roadmap, guiding them through the content. This structure enhances the overall viewing experience and keeps the audience engaged.

Auto clipping is another powerful tool. It helps us create bite-sized, shareable content from longer videos. This not only increases our visibility on various platforms but also allows us to repurpose content efficiently. When we clip sections that resonate well with the audience, we're essentially reinforcing our key messages. These clips serve as highlights, giving viewers a taste of what we offer and encouraging them to explore more of our content.

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Q. How were you repurposing content prior to

For the first 18 months of the business, we didn't repurpose at all. It was a constant cycle of creation, creation. Looking back, it seems like a waste of time and energy. Now, we have a vault and ways to go back and repurpose old videos almost instantaneously. Repurposing has become automatic for us.

We create content, and the team doesn't even think about repurposing; it's part of the process. As they process my eight-minute video for YouTube, they're simultaneously processing the shorts. It's an efficient process, allowing us to space out the content and maintain variety for the audience.

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Q. What has been the most surprising outcome for you with regard to

The most surprising outcome has been the level of time and energy saved. When we initially started using, we expected it to be helpful, but the extent of its impact on our workflow and efficiency exceeded our expectations. The ability to automatically generate video chapters, clips, and transcriptions has transformed our content creation process.

We no longer spend hours manually editing and repurposing videos. Instead, it happens seamlessly in the background while we focus on creating more content. This efficiency has allowed us to scale our video production without compromising on quality. The time saved is invaluable, and it has allowed us to explore new ideas, engage more with our audience, and grow our brand.

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