The Vidyo Playbook

How video creators are using to grow faster

Make Reels from YouTube Videos

Save upto 3 hours of edit time with Smart Reframing

Reels & Shorts are the next big growth hack on social media. Lots of creators are using these short from videos of length 15-60 seconds to hack their way into growing online.
In fact, we would argue that, as a creator, Reels should be on your priority list. It's now SO easy and straightforward to make short videos. Just 3 clicks and you're done!

Improve Video Retention

Subtitles help bump retention up by 40%

Did you know that most people will not watch your video for more than 3 seconds? Or that 70% people watch videos with sound off?
In this day and age of video content, not having subtitles in every video is almost a crime. To get wider reach and watchtime, you need subtitles

Earn More Ad Revenue

Great distribution can increase your income by 2x

Did you know you can earn money from your content on platforms other than YouTube? This means Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok & more can be monetized better
Within a few weeks of regular posting, your videos will start earning ad revenue.

Optimize For Growth

Ranking on search can help boost revenue by 30%

You're making content, but are your potential viewers able to find you or do you also die a slow death because of algorithms?
For long term growth, your content needs to be ranking on search and be there exactly when people need to find you most. We'll help you get there.

Engage Your Community

Get Ideas for Videos, Polls, QnA & Tweets

70% creators admit to having an idea block once in a while. 90% creators would like to post more often and be more regular in building community.
Your community is your soul, and your fans are the ones you need the most. It's important for you to keep them engaged while you think of new content ideas.

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