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How to Edit Reels and Shorts like Alex Hormozi?
Content Repurposing
August 27, 2023

How to Edit Reels and Shorts like Alex Hormozi?

Vedant Maheshwari
5 min
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Vedant Maheshwari
5 min read
    Using Premiere Pro or FCP to edit videos like Alex Hormozi can be cumbersome, but AI can help. Here is a quick guide on using to easily edit Instagram Reels and Shorts like Alex Hormozi and get maximum reach and interaction for your short-form videos.    

  In an era where we have more      influencers     than one could have ever imagined, Alex Hormozi is a unique pick. In addition to offering helpful advice, authoring books, and founding, Hormozi has brought a new way of presenting short-form videos. So, it is not surprising if you want to know how to edit Reels and Shorts like Alex Hormozi.  


  The video style used by Alex Hormozi seems to work not only in increasing viewership but also generating better conversions. Therefore, regardless of what your Reels or YouTube shorts are about, it makes sense to try the Alex Hormozi style. However, before we tell you how to create Reels and Shorts like Alex Hormozi from existing content, let’s check out what makes his videos work in the first place.  

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     Alex Hormozi Videos: A Quick Look    

 While we do not know Alex Hormozi’s exact strategies, we can observe a few things from some of his popular videos. And these observations align with several scientific means used to attract and retain user attention.

 For instance, many studies have proven that the     strategic use of captioning can improve user attention    . It’s apparently happening in the case of Alex Hormozi’s videos, which use subtitles and captions in colors such as yellow, green, and white. It is one of the reasons why the influencer’s videos have high click-through rates.

 However, it is common sense that simply adding yellow captions to your short-form videos will not make them as popular as Alex Hormozi’s. Instead, you need to follow a set of instructions, including but not limited to the duration, style, and approach of the video. But don’t worry; there are easy solutions.

     Using AI to Edit Videos like Alex Hormozi    

 As you can imagine, manually adding subtitles and captions to your Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts can be pretty challenging. Fortunately, we are at a point where you can use AI to help with it. In particular, you can use, an AI-powered video creation tool, to generate enhanced short-form videos from existing content.

 Wondering how it’s possible? Well, is packed with well-tested algorithms that can choose the best portion from your existing video. It will calculate many aspects and tell you which part of a podcast episode or a webinar will work best on social media platforms. After recognizing the portion, will add a few elements, such as subtitles, captions, social media icons, etc.

 Ultimately, you can get share-worthy Reels and Shorts without spending hours with a dedicated video editor. And, coming back to this context, you can use to edit Reels and Shorts like Alex Hormozi easily.

     How to Edit Reels and Shorts like Alex Hormozi using    

 As we said, you can edit and export a complete video in a few minutes. There are only three steps involved.

     Step One    

 In this step, you have to sign up for an account at This free account gives you access to some of the superb AI-powered features of the platform. Now, you have to import the existing content. It could be two: a local video on your computer or something you have already published on YouTube.

image 4

 To import a YouTube video, you can paste the video URL on the webpage. Then, when you click Start Import, the engine will start its job. Depending on the duration of the video, may take up to a few minutes to finish importing it.

 You can also set up your preferences for the short video. For instance, you can select the video’s aspect ratio(s). If you want to publish the video on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, select Portrait (9:16).

     Step Two    

 In the second step, you have to select at least three video templates you like. As you can guess, has a well-updated collection of templates. So, if you want to create a video like Alex Hormozi, you should select a template that matches his videos’ style.

image 6

 Like the previous step, you have some customization options here. For instance, you can personalize your short video by automatically embedding your social media handles. It is a great way to watermark your short-form content without ruining the experience.

     Step Three    

 In this final step, you have a couple of options to customize everything. First, you can select one of the many videos may have already suggested for the content. Alternatively, you can go ahead and create a custom video, which means you can cut content from the original video you imported/uploaded.

 Once you have opened the editor, you can change the video to look like the ones from Alex Hormozi. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • ¬† Go to the Subtitles section and choose the style that matches Alex Hormozi‚Äôs videos. In particular, using The Bold Font or something closer to the font is advised. However, it should be big enough to catch the user‚Äôs attention. ¬†
image 5
  • ¬† Similarly, make sure you turn on the option to add emojis automatically. The scene detection module of will insert appropriate emojis in between the subtitle text. ¬†
image 7

 You can also add extra elements to the short video if you prefer. For instance, you can insert a text or a progress bar. This step requires creativity, especially in how you want to position the additional element in the frame.

 By the way, once you have made these changes, you can download the video to your computer and share it on the desired platform. But also lets you save the customized template for later use. So, the next time you want to edit Reels or Shorts like Alex Hormozi, you can use the saved template.

     Wrapping Up    

 That’s it! You have successfully edited a video like Alex Hormozi. With the right promotion, your short video should get more views and interaction. As you may have noticed, things become easier when you use instead of a conventional video editor. For example, you do not have to worry about manually adding subtitles or changing the background. Therefore, ensure you use all these features in the best way possible.

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