Introducing Cutmagic™️

A REALLY simple way to navigate and edit multicam and complex videos with automatic scene change detection

Have you ever faced these problems?

Navigating timeline

for hours just to find the timestamp to cut the video

Multicam nightmares

editing videos with 2 or 3 cameras is exactly 2x to 3x harder

Need more time

to to add scene cuts between multiple faces & scenes in videos

How To Use CutMagic?

The ultimate new scene change detection software

We're here to save you!

This is how CutMagic (Scene Change Detection) works

Upload an edited video

This can be a multicam video or a video with B-Rolls already in the video

Enable CutMagic

from the editor section, you'll soon see all the scene changes and b-rolls marked on the timeline

Make Changes

Add more cuts, or remove them, add splitscreen view for multiple people on the video in a click

Start Free Trial

Save time with scene change detection

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