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How to import videos via Google Drive
How to Import Video


How to add logos to my clips
How to Add Images, Videos & B-rolls To Your Clips
How To Customise The Start And End Timestamp Of Clips Using The Grab Bars
How to download subtitles SRT file of my video
How to delete/disable subtitles from the video clips
How to add Intro / Outro to my clips
How to edit video subtitles using timestamps
How to add Text at specific time stamps
How to edit a downloaded clip
How to change/edit the video frame of a clip in certain aspect ratio
Timeline Zoom Feature

Manage your clips

How to bookmark Or favourite my clips
How To Fine Tune Your Clips
How To Use Different Aspect Ratios/Layout For Your Clips
How to convert your long form original video content into short form video content/clips
How To Change/Update Your Clip Title
Creating Custom Clip Using Only Timestamps
How to Copy Clip Transcripts & Subtitles

More use cases

How to add custom backgrounds
How to upload custom images or videos
How To Add Audio Music/Audio To Your Clips and Adjust the Volume
How to add custom templates to my clips
How to access custom saved templates
How to Add Brand Kit Elements To Your clips
How To Generate AI Description With Hashtags
How to Generate Captions for Different Social Platforms
How to generate video timestamps for Youtube
How to customise add progress bar to my clips
What are IntelliClips & Virarity Score
How to Add Hormozi Style Captions to Your Clip


How to pause subscription on ?
How to top up additional minutes
How can I pause my subscription
How to change subscription / plan of my account
Different types of minutes on vidyo ai
How to apply discount code
How To Cancel Subscription If You Have Already Paused You Subscription
How to cancel paid subscription


How to change my account password
How to change my name (Profile Name)
How to delete my uploaded video
How to Delete A Generated Clip
How to unlink my social media accounts from platform
How to change To Email / Password Login
How to Add Social Handles To Your Clips
how to Link Google Drive To Directly Upload to
Navigate platform - How to use!

Have questions?

Still having doubts, check out all relevant questions in our FAQ page

Is available for free use?

At no cost, you can utilize to produce polished videos without requiring a subscription.

How does operate?

By simply uploading a video surpassing 3 minutes in duration, handles the rest autonomously—employing advanced AI video clipping features to analyze and generate short clips.

Why should I opt for encompasses a comprehensive range of features, including a progress bar for 1-minute clips, automatic transcriptions, customizable fonts for maintaining visual consistency, and animated text overlays. It stands as a cost-effective and essential tool for content creators and brands seeking high-quality video content.

As a beginner, can I navigate

Known for its user-friendly interface, is particularly suitable for individuals new to AI technology, offering an intuitive workflow that simplifies navigation for beginners.

What types of videos can be uploaded on the application? enables the importation of videos from YouTube or the uploading of full videos in mp4, m4v, mov, and webm formats. Free users can upload files up to 5GB, while Pro users can upload up to 15GB.

Which languages does support?

Presently, supports English, Spanish, German, and French, with plans to incorporate additional languages to cater to a broader audience.

Does provide stock video and audio resources?

Certainly, includes an integrated B rolls library, offering access to royalty-free stock images, videos, and audios to enhance storytelling.