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Why is video clipping important?

Convert your videos into clips with the power of AI using

Videos are great for marketing. Short videos are even better. In today's modern world, the audience won't spend too much time-consuming content, unless that’s what they specifically signed up for. When they are scrolling endlessly on their feeds, they won't spend 5 minutes watching the same video. They prefer short videos so they can watch more content during their break time or while they are relaxing. The average human attention span has been decreasing over the years and has come down to 8.25seconds.

So, if you are a creator it's equally important for you to make short content also because short clips give you an edge over other creators. People who are not interested in listening to an hour-long podcast would not mind consuming bite-sized clips that are crisp and insightful. Most of the creators fail at this step as they find hiring an editor either too expensive or good editors are hard to find.

Stress no more, you can convert all your videos into crisp bite-sized clips using in just a few minutes. Sign up and start exploring for FREE!

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How does video clipping help my content grow?

Short videos are witnessing skyrocketing growth. Don't miss out on them.

Appeals to Mobile Users

Video and mobile go hand in hand. 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile. It's more comfortable to watch short videos on YouTube compared to longer ones. YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year.

Increased social sharing

Short videos are easier to share as compared to longer ones. 76% of users say they would share a short video with their friends if it was entertaining.

Improved audience engagement

As per the report, Instagram Reels have been able to achieve 22% higher engagement than regular engagements received from standard Instagram posts or Stories.
Also, YouTube shorts receive 15Billion+ views every day. can do a lot more is the only content repurposing software you will ever need. It offers a wide set of power-packed features.

Social Media Templates

Wide range of designs to customize your clips.

Auto-video Captioning

Our AI auto generates subtitles for your clips

Video Clipping

Our AI creates clips from your long videos

Auto-video Chapters

It automatically detects the most important parts of your video and creates chapters.

Video Resizing

You can choose the dimensions of the clips generated like square and rectangle.

1080p Downloads

No compromise on quality, download high 1080P content and start posting.

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FAQ can do more than just clipping your videos

You can do a lot more than just add subtitles to your videos with It is a fully-fledged online video editing platform that works seamlessly with all kinds of videos and devices. offers a wide set of tools like video resizing, video clipping, auto chapters, AI-powered subtitles, social media templates, backgrounds, colours, fonts, and many other wonderful features. Want to know more about these amazing features? Join now and start exploring for FREE. It offers a clean and simple interface where you need to upload your video or just paste the YouTube link and our AI does all the tasks for you.

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