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Author Lands 5 Speaking Engagements in 2 Months With

Author Lands 5 Speaking Engagements in 2 Months With

July 2, 2024
5 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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In the transformative journey of addiction and recovery, Mike Cinelli has composed a remarkable story of resilience. Hailing from the depths of addiction to the heights of redemption, Mike's tale is a powerful testament to the human spirit. His book, "Reinvented: My Journey of Addiction and Redemption," chronicles his battle with heroin and cocaine, offering hope and a future for those struggling with similar demons.

"I believe in the power of authenticity. In a world filled with noise, I want to be a voice of hope and truth," Mike emphasizes. This ethos drives his approach to sharing his story and engaging with his audience.

Mike's personal battle with addiction gives him a deep understanding of the struggles faced by others in similar situations. His journey from darkness to light demanded a platform that could amplify his message without needing a massive following.

The Challenge: Building an Online Presence 

Despite Mike Cinelli’s profound message, he faced a significant hurdle: a complete lack of online presence. "I had no online presence prior to writing this book. It was a lot of work to figure out what that looked like, all the different channels that I wanted to go on," Mike recalls. Navigating the complexities of social media, understanding the criteria for different platforms, and creating engaging content were daunting tasks.

His new mission required more than just a book—it needed an ecosystem for sharing his message, engaging with his audience, and promoting his book. Mike was determined to find a tool that would not only simplify content creation but also maintain his authentic connection with his audience.

The Solution: Elevating His Story with 

Enter, a tool that struck all the right chords for Mike's journey into the digital realm. stood out due to its intuitive interface and powerful AI clipping features. Mike has now consistently been repurposing content for his YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, thanks to

" has been such a huge benefit to me because I just have to upload a video, and it’s pretty smart. It breaks down the video into chapters automatically pretty well. I don't have to make many changes manually," Mike shares.

With, Mike found a solution that met his needs for creating short, engaging videos. The platform's ability to generate subtitles automatically and highlight key hooks in videos was a game-changer. "The biggest difference for me was that it automatically adds the subtitles. It does a really good job, and it’s very time-saving," he notes.

The Results: Expanding Reach and Deepening Connections

As Mike's online presence grew, so did his opportunities for engagement. He quickly gained followers and subscribers, allowing him to spread his message of hope more widely. "I had zero subscribers on YouTube when I first started, and I'm up to 166 now. It's not a huge number, but it's a significant milestone for me," Mike explains. enabled Mike to be consistent in his content creation, making it easier to post regularly and engage with his audience. His newfound online presence also led to more speaking engagements and interviews, further amplifying his message. "I've had more podcast interviews, speaking engagements, and even a personal interview in Utah. Having an online presence has helped me tremendously," Mike acknowledges.

Looking Forward

With's robust suite of tools, Mike's future looks promising. He continues to craft his narrative and connect with his audience on a deeper level. His advice for others embarking on a similar journey: "Be authentic online. There’s a lot of noise out there. I want to be a voice of hope and truth."

Mike Cinelli's story is one of transformation and triumph. Through, he has been able to share his journey and build a successful online presence. If you're inspired by Mike's story, sign up on to discover how it can help you share your message with the world. Use the code Mike20 to get 20% off on all our annual plans!

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