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Human Design Coach Builds 15k Strong Online Community with

Human Design Coach Builds 15k Strong Online Community with

June 25, 2024
5 mins
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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In the intricate landscape of personal development and digital content creation, Kathy Bochonko has crafted her unique path. As an intuitive human design mentor, Kathy Bochonko has guided countless individuals to understand and trust themselves through the lens of human design. Based in the US, Kathy has built a thriving community and online presence by sharing her journey and expertise. She believes in the transformative power of knowing oneself and has created a business that resonates deeply with her audience.

Kathy’s journey from a novice to a seasoned digital content creator showcases her adaptability and determination. Here's how she transformed her challenges into strengths and scaled her business with the help of

The Challenge: Mastering Technology and Content Creation

Kathy’s venture into human design mentorship required more than just knowledge and experience; it demanded a robust online presence. Despite her passion and expertise, she faced significant challenges, particularly with technology and content creation. Kathy knew she needed to share her message widely but found herself overwhelmed by the technical aspects and time-consuming processes involved.

“I realized I needed to learn these things myself to feel authentic,” Kathy shares. “Creating content was draining my resources, both time and money. I was investing a lot without seeing the efficiency I needed.”

The Solution: Streamlining with

Kathy’s breakthrough came when a friend recommended The platform’s promise of simplifying content creation and streamlining processes was exactly what she needed.’s features, such as automatic chapter creation, AI-generated show notes, and the ability to produce polished, branded reels, transformed Kathy’s approach to content.

“I found to be my easy passageway,” Kathy explains. “The platform has saved me so much time and allowed me to focus on the core aspects of my business.”

Kathy’s Process with

  1. Automating Chapter Creation and Show Notes: Kathy uses to generate video chapters and show notes. She listens to the content, tweaks the titles and timelines, and ensures they align with her brand. This automated start point makes the process significantly faster.
  2. Using AI for Efficient Content Production: By integrating the AI-generated show notes and key points into ChatGPT, Kathy refines the content for her audience. This step ensures high-quality, concise show notes that meet platform-specific character limits.
  3. Creating Branded Reels: Kathy leverages’s templates for creating consistent, branded reels. This includes adding podcast logos, episode numbers, and custom music, which enhances her brand recognition and drives engagement.

The Results: Building a Sustainable Online Presence

Kathy’s use of has had a profound impact on her business. She’s doubled the size of her Facebook group, now at 1,800 members, and achieved 10,000 views on her YouTube channel in just eight months. Her streamlined process has freed up time to focus on other critical aspects of her business, such as writing detailed human design readings and engaging directly with her audience.

“I've built a foundation that is sustainable and long-term,” Kathy states. “ has helped me create a system that is efficient and authentic, allowing me to grow my community and reach more people.”

Future Aspirations

Kathy continues to explore new ways to enhance her content and reach. She plans to invest in social media scheduling tools and explore platforms like Threads to further extend her reach.

Advice for Fellow Entrepreneurs

“Start small and just do it,” Kathy advises. “Find tools that simplify your process and stay authentic. has been instrumental in helping me build a sustainable business, and it can do the same for others.”


Kathy Bochonko’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the right tools. By integrating into her workflow, she’s been able to amplify her message, connect deeply with her audience, and build a thriving online community. For those inspired by her journey, sign up on to achieve similar success. Use the code Kathy10 to avail a lucrative 10% off discount on all of’s annual plans.

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