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January 30, 2024
7 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Read how Libby DeLucien, owner of WootRecruit, Organize It and ServiceCart, promotes her personal and company brands on socials with, saving resources.

Q. What inspired you to repurpose content using

Being more of a long-form creator, I used to avoid shorts due to my tendency to talk a lot. We decided to upload all our long-form content into the AI, which then automatically generated shorter reels. It allowed us to efficiently repurpose our content.

The AI does the work for me, transforming a 45-minute long-form video into 20 or more shorts for LinkedIn and YouTube.

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Q. What’s your video editing workflow on

The initial step in our workflow was creating templates. I started with the free version and was impressed, but to enhance our workflow, we upgraded to the Pro version. Creating templates upfront may seem like additional work, but it significantly streamlines daily tasks.

Then, it's all about uploading your template, logo, colors, and brand elements in the branding kit. Once that's done, the daily work involves minimal video editing. We pick a weekly topic, upload the long-form content, and the AI takes care of creating relevant shorts. This approach has made our workflow more efficient.

Q. How do you maintain consistent messaging in your videos?

We utilize the brand templates feature of We upload our brand colors, logo, and even backgrounds. As I promote both my personal brand and company brand, having separate templates for Libby DeLucien and WootRecruit has been a time-saver. It significantly reduces the time spent on backend work.

Q. How has helped you streamline and organize your video content distribution plan?

Scheduling social media posts through has been a game-changer for us. It ensures consistency in our posting schedule. Designating a specific day, like Mondays, for content creation, filming, and uploading, allows us to schedule posts for the entire week. This consistency is crucial for maintaining an active presence on social media.

If your brand is important to you, allocate one day a week to handle all content creation. This proactive approach prevents distractions from taking over as the week progresses, ensuring that marketing remains a priority.

Q. What features do we bring to the table that the competition doesn’t?

I've tried other platforms, but what stands out with is the notification feature. Getting an email notification when the upload is done, along with accurately cut shorts, sets it apart. The AI's precision in identifying where to cut long-form content is a significant advantage.

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Q. What interactive elements do you incorporate into the short form content you create using to capture audience attention?

We've incorporated B-rolls by adding background audio and light graphics. The ability to enhance our content with music and subtle imagery has proven effective in keeping viewer attention.

Q. How were you captioning your videos prior to

Previously, captioning was a manual process. We recorded one-off shorts or reels and added captions within the editing features of platforms like Facebook or TikTok. This was time-consuming, and the challenge was often the inability to download the video without watermarks. has alleviated this by providing automated captions. I estimate it has saved us at least five to eight hours per week. This newfound time has allowed us to take on more business challenges and increase our overall productivity.

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Q. Any significant change in social media metrics upon using

The primary uptick in social media metrics we've observed is an improvement in our brand presence. The consistency enabled by has led to increased viewership, followers, and engagement across all our social media platforms.

For example, a recent reel on TikTok garnered 15,000 views within a few hours, primarily because it captured a genuine and passionate moment. Our goal is to spread the word about our business and attract the right audience. By conveying our message authentically, we've seen an increase in business opportunities and engagement.

Q. How effective is at identifying opening hooks of videos? has a knack for identifying moments where the story begins, and this often aligns with my use of certain words or expressions.

For instance, I've noticed that I frequently use the word "so" as a segue into a story, and seems to recognize this pattern. It's an interesting observation that has made me more aware of my storytelling style.

Q. Any tips for business owners on how to use

The key is to feed as much information as possible. Provide it with a diverse range of videos so that it can learn your talking style, your storytelling approach, and how you convey information.

Even if you don't intend to use all the content publicly, feed with as much video material as you have. It's about helping the AI understand who you are. Play around with the tool, experiment, and get comfortable with its features.

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