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Streamline Storytelling in with B-Rolls Library

Streamline Storytelling in with B-Rolls Library

October 4, 2023
5 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Imagine this: You're in the midst of crafting an engaging video, and you need that perfect visual element to take your storytelling to the next level. Searching the internet for hours or switching between different websites and apps to find the right extra footage can be tough. That's where comes in, redefining the video editing game with its integrated B-Rolls library.

Why are B-Rolls a Big Deal?

B-Rolls elevate your storytelling, provide context, and infuse your content with visual interest and variety.

The Secret Sauce to Viral Videos

Think you're creating a travel vlog. Your narration takes your viewers through the bustling streets of a vibrant city. Now, picture the difference when, instead of just hearing about the sights and sounds, your audience sees the colorful market stalls and hears the melodic street musicians.

Virality often hinges on emotional connection and relatability. B-Rolls footage plays a vital role in achieving this connection.

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Providing Context

Let's say you're making a video showing how to put together furniture. Spoken instructions are helpful, but B-Rolls that show each step makes it even clearer. When you can see close-ups of bolts being tightened and how the parts fit together, it helps your viewers understand and feel confident about doing the task themselves.

Breaking the Monotony of Continuous Shots

Let's say we have a documentary exploring the life of a wildlife photographer. Instead of a constant stream of talking-head interviews, the inclusion of B-Rolls showcasing the photographer in action—capturing elusive animals, braving harsh environments, and celebrating successful shots—adds intrigue.

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Elevate Your Narrative with’s B-Rolls Library

Using's integrated B-Rolls library means you can stay focused on your creative work by eliminating the need to search for external media files.’s integration with Pexels API provides access to a vast library of UNLIMITED premium videos and images that you can quickly browse, add to your clips, and export without ever leaving our app.

Whether you're making a vlog, a marketing video, or a cinematic masterpiece, the handpicked visuals in's library seamlessly match the AI video editing environment, leading to a more consistent and polished final product.

You can also alter the timing for when each B-Roll should appear in your video to convey your message more effectively.

Be it a tight deadline for a marketing campaign or simply the desire to publish content more rapidly, the integrated B-Rolls library empowers you to incorporate relevant visuals, ultimately expediting the video production timeline.

“Our goal with having a diverse range of B-Rolls available within was to inspire video content creators and editors to experiment with different visual elements and storytelling techniques, ultimately leading to more creative and engaging videos. We want to simplify the technical aspects of importing and managing media files, making video editing more accessible to a wider range of users.”
-Vedant Maheshwari, Founder,

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How to Use's B-Rolls Library?

Step 1: On the left-hand side, you will find a menu bar. Click on "Media" to access the B-Rolls Library.

Step 2: In the Media section, you will have the option to add either an image or a video to your project. Click on your preferred option based on your project requirements.

Step 3: Once you've found the image or video you want to use, drag it from the B-Rolls Library and drop it onto your video. You can position it wherever you like within the video.

Step 4: Click and drag the handles on the corners of the B-Rolls to resize the media as needed.

Step 5: After adding B-Rolls, use the video preview function to see how your video looks with the added media.

Try's B-Rolls Library Today

This game-changing feature is not exclusive to a select few—it's available to all users. Whether you're a seasoned editor or just getting started,'s integrated B-Rolls library is here to support your creative journey on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Sign up on to experience the magic of B-Rolls library, and let your videos captivate, inspire, and go viral.

Frequently Asked Questions About’s B-Rolls Library

What types of footage are available in’s B-Rolls Library?

The types of footage available in a B-Rolls Library, which includes both images and videos, can encompass a wide range of categories and subjects. These may include:

1. Nature and Landscapes: Footage of scenic vistas, natural environments, and wildlife.

2. Urban and Cityscape: Clips showcasing cityscapes, architecture, and street scenes.

3. People and Lifestyle: Videos and images featuring individuals, daily life, and cultural activities.

4. Technology and Innovation: Footage related to gadgets, electronics, and technological advancements.

5. Business and Finance: Clips related to the corporate world, office settings, and financial transactions.

6. Healthcare and Medicine: Videos and images depicting healthcare professionals, medical facilities, and patient care.

7. Travel and Tourism: Footage showcasing destinations, tourist attractions, and travel experiences.

8. Education and Learning: Clips related to educational settings, classrooms, and learning activities.

9. Science and Research: Videos and images related to scientific experiments, laboratories, and discoveries.

10. Sports and Recreation: Footage of sports events, athletes, and recreational activities.

11. Food and Cuisine: Clips featuring culinary delights, cooking processes, and dining experiences.

12. Arts and Culture: Footage related to artistic performances, cultural events, and artistic expressions.

13. History and Heritage: Videos and images that capture historical sites, artifacts, and heritage.

14. Environment and Sustainability: Clips focusing on environmental issues, conservation efforts, and sustainable practices.

15. Celebrations and Festivals: Footage of festive occasions, celebrations, and cultural festivals.

16. Transportation and Vehicles: Videos and images related to various modes of transportation, including cars, trains, and planes.

17. Weather and Climate: Clips depicting weather conditions, natural disasters, and climate-related events.

18. Industry and Manufacturing: Footage of factories, production processes, and industrial settings.

19. Social Issues and Activism: Videos and images related to social justice, activism, and humanitarian efforts.

20. Aerial and Drone Shots: B-Roll footage captured from aerial perspectives, often used to establish location or provide unique angles.

These categories can vary widely depending on the specific B-Rolls Library and its focus.

Can I use the footage from's B-Rolls library for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use the footage from a B-Rolls Library for commercial purposes. There are no usage restrictions because’s integration with Pexels API provides access to a vast library of copyright-free premium videos and images.

Are the clips available in different resolutions and formats?’s B-Rolls library footage is available in various resolutions and formats to accommodate different project needs and technical requirements.

Is there an option to search for specific keywords or themes within the library?

Ye, you can enter keywords or phrases related to the type of footage they are looking for, making it easier to find and access the desired clips.

Are there any watermarks or branding on the B-Roll clips?

No, there are no watermarks or branding on the B-Roll clips.

Do I need to credit when using the B-Rolls footage?

No, you don’t need to credit us when using the B-Rolls footage.

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