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Founder Saves $100,000 Yearly on Marketing Costs With

Founder Saves $100,000 Yearly on Marketing Costs With

December 28, 2023
6 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Discover how Ginger Bell, Founder of Edumarketing, saved the work of a video editor and streamlined video editing with, reducing costs and time.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Ginger Bell. I'm the CEO and founder of Edumarketing. We provide educational support, branding, video, and podcast production for clients in the real estate and mortgage space.

How has influenced your approach to storytelling?

Well, in terms of storytelling, when making a video, coming up with a topic and content can be challenging for people. Having a tool like allows for better storytelling. For instance, clients in the mortgage industry helping a home buyer to get their first home can share that story. Whether we’re doing an interview or a podcast, we can take that long-form video (whether it's 20 or 30 minutes) and break it into shorter clips. So, a big story becomes smaller, repurposable content for socials.

How has the short-form content created using impacted your social media presence?

The biggest impact I’ve seen is in our podcast production frequency on LinkedIn and Twitter. We believe in promoting a podcast multiple times. We create "drop the mic" moments—key highlights from the podcast—to share on social media. We bookend a podcast release with pre-release and post-release clips. For clients with real estate partners, we provide 10 to 15 quality clips for social media posts, facilitating interaction and promotion, especially for podcasts.

How were you previously handling content repurposing, and what made you switch to

We were doing it the old-fashioned way, often using Adobe Premiere Pro for more complex productions. However, it was time-consuming. simplified the process. It takes a 30-minute podcast and generates clean, formatted clips with AI captions in minutes. This saves us considerable time, almost equivalent to having an additional editor.

What are your other favourite features of

One feature I love is Cutmagic. It effortlessly combines frames, essential for our podcasts featuring multiple individuals. We create templates for each client's branding, ensuring their unique colours and fonts are consistent across videos. Having multiple templates allows us to diversify styles while maintaining brand recognition.

What has been your learning curve with 

Super simple. We've tested various platforms for shortening videos but have settled on due to its simplicity. Even a new video editor grasps it in one session. Uploading, generating shorter video clips, minor adjustments, and exporting—it's straightforward.

How has helped you save time or money?

We're still evaluating, but we know we've saved the work of at least one video editor dedicated to editing short clips. A video editor's annual cost, depending on location, can range from $50,000 to $100,000. Moreover, the simplicity of the platform eliminates the need for extensive video editing expertise, making it accessible and time-efficient for anyone.

How has helped you eliminate guesswork? has significantly reduced my mental workload. It assists in pinpointing critical moments, saving substantial time spent sifting through lengthy content.'s prediction algorithms suggest potential viewer engagement levels, streamlining the selection process, something a human editor might find challenging.

What results did you get with

We've achieved thousands of views for certain videos. The combination of good content, captions, proper tagging, and consistency on social media contributes to consistent engagement, building brand awareness and trust.

The combination of long-form and short-form content, podcasts, and educational videos also attracts leads for my clients and generates business for them. A recent client's success story involves getting a lead from a video after initially being terrified of video production. Consistent video creation leads to consistent results.

Like Ginger, you can fast-track views, growth and earnings on socials using up on the app today to create short form content that generates revenue.

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