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Why ReeAnimate’s Founder Switched From Opus Pro to

Why ReeAnimate’s Founder Switched From Opus Pro to

November 24, 2023
5 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Read how Ree Hurakan (Founder, ReeAnimate) uses to identify opening hooks and memorable moments in longform video content, saving 30 hours weekly.

How has helped you save time and effort?

With, I can repurpose my podcast and post the shorts across LinkedIn and Instagram. I've used other software, and was superior, particularly in its hooks, curation, and logic. Testing the same content on different platforms proved better at grabbing attention in the initial seconds of a video. If you can't capture someone's interest in the first three seconds, they're swiping past. 

This platform has also saved me time, bypassing the need to transcribe and further edit the transcription using ChatGPT. If you aim to save time and generate plenty of content, is the way to go.

What other software have you used for content repurposing, and where did they fall short? 

I've tried Opus Pro, which seemed promising but fell short at generating catchy opening hooks for videos. stands out as it quickly identifies valuable segments and opening hooks, saving me from manually identifying content worth sharing. This approach significantly aids video editors as they have more streamlined content to work with.’s strength lies in its easy uploading and swift generation of short form content without much hassle. Uploading videos is as easy as using Dropbox. I also love the branding kit feature as it allows you to add your brand colors, logos, and personal touches, ensuring recognition across social platforms.

Can you quantify the time you've saved since using

Previously, it would take a video editor about 50 hours weekly to curate short form content. With, it takes roughly 20 hours, saving a substantial 30 hours weekly.

How has helped eliminate guesswork for you?

Having the ability to reformat videos for different screen sizes, adhering to each platform's rules, was previously cumbersome. Before, I'd film content differently for various platforms, taking four to five times longer. This drained my energy, affecting video quality. Now, with, I create content once and let the AI handle distribution and captions. 

How has’s AI captioning feature expedited your video production?

Previously, video captioning was a cumbersome process, involving various transcribing tools. With, I can review the AI captions swiftly within the platform, eliminating the lengthy review process. It's efficient; I haven't had to spend a lot of time fixing the transcription.

How has our one-click social media scheduling feature impacted your content creation?’s social media scheduling feature has been a game-changer. Previously, I used Post Planner to schedule content, incurring heavy costs. Now, consolidating everything in one place simplifies access for the ReeAnimate team. 

Like Ree, guarantee your video content hits your socials right on schedule every time with Sign up on the app today to never miss another content deadline.

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