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How to Get on a Podcast: Proven Blueprint by

How to Get on a Podcast: Proven Blueprint by

December 5, 2023
5 min
Allan Martyr
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Allan Martyr
5 min read
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Podcasting has witnessed an exponential rise in listenership, far surpassing traditional media channels. Unlike securing spots in newspapers or TV shows that may require prolonged networking or PR assistance, booking podcast interviews can be relatively swift and straightforward. This guide outlines a strategic process for how to get on a podcast.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for How to Get on a Podcast

Learning how to get on a podcast as a guest requires a compelling pitch and a tailored approach to showcase your expertise, as outlined below:

Step 1: Finding relevant podcasts

Source: The Podcast Host

Finding podcasts aligned with your niche involves strategic keyword searches across platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and Google. Conducting a simple search using keywords like “top [your industry/niche] podcasts” unveils a list of potential podcasts. Categorize the discovered podcasts in a spreadsheet to streamline the process.

Step 2: Evaluating podcast targets

It's crucial to assess the potential of each podcast. Key considerations include the frequency of new episodes, guest interview practices, and audience size. However, determining audience size across platforms can be challenging, often necessitating a combination of reviews, followers, and platform-specific metrics.

Step 3: Collecting data About the podcasts

Before pitching, gather critical data for each podcast on your list. This includes the show’s title, website, host’s name, recent guests, and the show’s primary topics. Obtaining the host’s contact information can sometimes be a hurdle, requiring email extractor tools like and Email Hunter, social media, or website contact forms. You can also opt for these unconventional outreach strategies:

  • Personalized audio/video proposals: Instead of conventional emails, create personalized audio or video proposals. This personalized touch demonstrates genuine interest and commitment, significantly enhancing your chances of catching the host's attention.
  • Leveraging platforms: Utilize platforms like,, or Podchaser to present yourself as a guest. These sites offer diverse networking opportunities.

Step 4: Pitching effectively

Pitching for podcast interviews demands quality over quantity. Each email should be meticulously crafted, acknowledging the uniqueness of each show and host. Create a podcast outreach tracking spreadsheet like this to track your progress:


Here’s a sample pitch template for you to follow:

Subject Line: Your show.


Hey [Host Name],
I recently tuned into [Podcast Name] and was captivated by your interview with [Guest]. It struck me that I could offer valuable insights on [relevant topic] to your audience. Would you be open to discussing potential dates for an interview?

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Step 5: Preparing for the podcast

Ensure you have the necessary recording equipment, especially a high-quality microphone for professional sound. 

  • Create a well-lit environment and use reliable video recording software for seamless interaction.
  • Respect scheduled interview times and if necessary, notify hosts in advance for any changes. Basic courtesy is paramount—never leave hosts hanging without notice.
  • Persistence is key. Follow up respectfully if you haven't received a response within a reasonable time frame. 

Grow Brand Presence with

Remember, it’s not just about how to get on a podcast—it's about consistently delivering exceptional value that resonates long after the interview, and repurposing your video content with platforms like can significantly contribute to that lasting impression. offers a wide array of tools like video clipping, video resizing, AI-powered subtitles, auto chapters, social media templates, animated fonts, B-Rolls Library, and backgrounds to amplify the value of podcast appearances, extending the influence of the content far beyond the confines of the original interview. 

Sharing these repurposed snippets on your social media boosts your brand and draws audiences back to the original podcast, benefiting both your brand and the podcast host. And it only takes a couple minutes to create, edit and schedule short form content for Reels, Shorts and TikTok! Sign up on today to grow your brand presence and instantly secure more podcast guest spots.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get on a podcast for free?

Here are three strategic steps for how to get on a podcast for free:

  • Utilize podcast directories: Platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher offer a pool of podcast shows for potential guest opportunities.
  • Direct outreach: Engage hosts via social media or email, highlighting your expertise and value as a guest.
  • Network effectively: Participate in industry events or communities to expand your connections in the podcasting realm.

2. How to get on a podcast for beginners?

The three steps for how to get on a podcast for beginners are:

  • Craft a compelling pitch emphasizing your unique perspective or knowledge that would benefit their audience. 
  • Prioritize preparation by researching the podcast, understanding its audience, and tailoring your pitch accordingly. 
  • Building a concise and engaging media kit that showcases your expertise can significantly enhance your chances.

3. How to get on a podcast and make money?

The steps for how to get on a podcast and make money are:

  • Leveraging exposure: Use podcast appearances to promote products, services, or affiliate links for potential monetization.
  • Indirect income streams: Establish yourself as an authority to attract speaking engagements, book deals, or consulting offers.
  • Long-term brand building: Focus on building your brand through podcast appearances for future monetization opportunities.

4. How to get on a podcast as a guest?

Securing a podcast guest spot requires a tailored approach:

  • Identify relevant podcasts: Target shows that align with your expertise or niche for a more relevant pitch.
  • Craft a compelling pitch: Highlight the value you can bring to the podcast's audience in a concise and engaging manner.
  • Prompt follow-up: After pitching, promptly follow up to exhibit enthusiasm and readiness to contribute effectively.

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