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Product Updates
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Introducing 2.0
Product Updates
February 20, 2024

Introducing 2.0

Vedant Maheshwari
8 min
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Vedant Maheshwari
5 min read

A brand new experience awaits you with in March!

Thanks for being a loyal user of We’re excited to share some super cool updates we’re working to bring to you in March 2024, which will take your video creation and publishing to a new level.

Brand New Interface

We’ve revamped the entire software to give it a sleek new look. Your workflows will now be more refined and polished than ever, enabling you to create faster with Here are some of the many things we’re bringing to you in March:

  • Video file and folder management
  • Credit saver for uploads (select the start and the end of the full video being uploaded to save minutes, if you want to exclude specific parts from processing)
  • Better bulk exports
  • More languages for short video captions apart from English, Spanish, French and German
  • Refined workflows to create and share videos faster

The option to switch between the old and new UI will be available to existing users on the new UI until 1st March, 2024 and will be phased out after 31st March, 2024.

Viddy - Your AI Content Assistant

Introducing Viddy, your AI content assistant. You can now use Viddy to go truly multi-platform. Ask Viddy to create show notes, search engine optimized blog posts, LinkedIn posts, and Tweets from your long-form videos and it will do that in seconds.

You can also ask Viddy for ideas for new content related to your existing content. In the future, Viddy will soon be able to assist you with labor-intensive tasks, like content creation and lining up your content calendars. Viddy will also be able to peek into your analytics and give you suggestions on what you can do better to improve your video performance on socials. Try Viddy, our AI Content Assistant, to streamline your workflow and maximize your productivity. 

Enhanced Video Edits & Playback

We’ve revamped our video editor to make it more intuitive and easy for you to use. Word-level edits are now more enhanced, playback speed can be changed, and you can directly publish and schedule videos on social channels from the editor!

CutMagic will now be auto-applied to all videos, always. This means you spend even less time optimizing layouts and more time creating.

By April, you’ll be able to cut and split videos, use animated captions, get better B-roll and audio options, and remove filler words and silences instantly. Upgrade now to unlock access to a revamped video editing experience.

Mobile Support

One of our most asked feature requests was mobile support, and we’re glad to inform you that you will now be able to access from your mobile device. 

Sign up now to clip and caption videos on the go with the same subscription you’re on!

Future Product Roadmap

Here’s more of what you can expect from us in the months ahead:

  • 4K exports
  • Add Team Members with ‘approval’ workflows 
  • Animated Captions
  • Better Filler Word and Silence Removal
  • Cut, Split & Merge inside the editor
  • Social Media Automations - Auto DMs, Auto Comment Replies, Auto Reposts, etc.
  • Multi-social account linking
  • Multiple Brand Kits
  • Content Calendar

New Pricing Plans

We’ll be introducing new plans with better offerings and lower cost per minute with this new launch. Starter, PRO, and PRO+ plans will be phased out gradually and replaced with new plans that better represent your needs and budgets. Your current plans will remain unaffected and will have all functions of the Growth plan, as a token of our appreciation! 

  • Essential: All features for starters to grow your video presence online
  • Growth: For seasoned creators to experience the power of at scale 
  • Expert [to launch in May]: For teams and agencies, with the best features we have to offer

Start Creating Today

We’ve revamped the UI and introduced new features to simplify video creation tasks and make editing accessible to everyone. We're excited to see how our community will use these features to enhance their content repurposing strategy. 

Reach out to us with feedback and suggestions, we remain committed to building the most advanced suite of social media and video software for you.

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