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Mortgage Agent Saves $36,000 on Content Creation With

Mortgage Agent Saves $36,000 on Content Creation With

January 16, 2024
4 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Discover why Paul McAllister, Mortgage Agent at LendCity, trusts for top-tier video editing without constant direction, saving money in the process. 

Q. How were you managing content repurposing before came into your life?

In the past, I was recording a lot, but I wasn't doing much with the video content. One of my strategies to get stories on Instagram was to upload short videos made on TikTok. It would automatically cut them, and then I'd upload them to Instagram stories. That's as far as I went because I'm not a video editor. However, once I started using the free 75 minutes of, I realized the potential of the platform. I quickly bought the annual pro plan, and now it helps me generate a lot of content. I shoot about an hour of meetings, and I get 20 to 45 useful clips. With my templates and brand kit set up, it's convenient for me to generate content for YouTube shorts.

Q. Why does stand out for you?

The one-click social media scheduling feature and the ease of use. The AI captions and the AI descriptions, which have improved over time, are a valuable feature. The ability to cut content into video chapters and shorts, along with the brand kit, ensures a consistent style, which is invaluable. Features like brand kit logos, branded templates and the ability to save them and the shorts are also beneficial.

Q. How much time has saved you?

I dedicate 8 hours a month to tasks such as uploading long-form video content, transforming them into shorts, generating descriptions, and scheduling posts. Thanks to, I am currently two months ahead of my content publishing timeline. This has enabled me to channel more attention towards crafting long-form content, confident in the knowledge that repurposing it is a straightforward process.

Q. Has helped you save money and resources?’s saving me $3,000 a month and provides the same quality as having a full-time video editor without the need for constant direction. I feel like I'm saving a significant amount and appreciate what has done for me.

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