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Here’s how Brand Optimization can be boosted through Repurposing Content

Here’s how Brand Optimization can be boosted through Repurposing Content

August 27, 2023
5 min
Vedant Maheshwari
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Vedant Maheshwari
5 min read
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Repurposing existing content can benefit you in growing reach, creating better leads, and, most importantly, optimizing your brand. With the right tools and a thought-out strategy, you can repurpose a variety of existing content, such as podcasts, YouTube videos, webinars, and interviews, by turning it into multiple chunks of short-form content like TikTok videos, Instagram reels, and YouTube Shorts.

It’s no secret that marketing and brand optimization require a consistent flow of quality content. But this does not always mean you have to create original content every time. Instead, you can use the repurposing content technique to reuse existing content. When used correctly, this technique will help you with brand optimization, better reach, and gaining authority.

Here is how repurposing content can boost your brand optimization efforts while constantly providing you with better reach and conversions.

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Repurposing Content: An Overview

Content repurposing refers to using existing content to create new (often short-form) content for different platforms. For instance, you can repurpose a YouTube video by turning it into multiple short videos for TikTok or Instagram. Similarly, you can turn an hour-long podcast episode into numerous YouTube videos .

In 2022, ReferralRock conducted a survey on content repurposing , and 94% of the surveyed marketers said they were already repurposing content. The other 6% are at least thinking about it. If we extrapolate this data, also considering the increasing number of influencers globally, it won’t take long to see that repurposing content is a trend that you should get a grip on.

Even though it became trending only recently, strategic marketing campaigns have been using the content repurposing technique for years. When text content ruled the marketing scene, many converted their text-based campaigns into videos, social media content, and infographics. For instance, you could turn a blog article into a YouTube video or an Instagram post with multiple slides.

But, as you can imagine, text-based content offered limited options.

In this era of video content, you can easily transcend these limits. With the increasing popularity of social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts , and Instagram Reels , you can employ new ways of repurposing content to optimize your brand. There are a few reasons this method works.

Why Repurposing Content Works in Brand Optimization

Not every piece of content works on all platforms.

As you may already know, different platforms have an ideal duration. For instance, most people agree that a YouTube video should have an ideal length of 5 to 15 minutes. On the other hand, Instagram reels and TikTok videos work well with 30 to 60 seconds. Therefore, when you repurpose content, you promote more optimized content through each platform.

You cannot expect the same audience on all platforms

Content platforms are becoming more focused on optimizing the experience for the intended audience. For instance, compared to the general audience you find on YouTube, the LinkedIn audience is more specific. Therefore, if you want to optimize your brand image within a particular sector, you may need a better flow of content on LinkedIn or Instagram.

We should also remember that each sub-type of content serves a unique purpose. For instance, if you want to build brand awareness, you cannot expect to do it with a single YouTube video. Instead, you will have to develop unique ways to repurpose the content on different platforms.

So, when you think about brand optimization, you should leverage each content-sharing platform and the specific audience they offer.

Some Examples of Using Video Content Repurposing for Brand Optimization

Here are a few ideas to repurpose an existing long video, probably on YouTube or Twitch.

  • You can convert a long podcast episode into multiple short YouTube videos. If you talk about different subtopics, consider splitting videos based on the topic. Doing this will help your brand attract users who would not be reached otherwise.
  • If you already have a 5-minute-something YouTube video, you can create impressive YouTube Shorts or Instagram reels. You just have to find the most exciting portions with suitable captions and catchy elements.
  • Got a long webinar with some exciting content? Well, turn it into TikTok videos or Insta reels to build brand awareness. With the help of multiple short videos, you can benefit from ‘repetition,’ which works wonders in marketing and brand building.
  • Are you building an online course? You can create short videos that capture the attention of your intended audience and lead them to your core campaign. These short videos will also help you when establishing the brand identity.
  • You can also create micro-videos and chapters that you can easily share on Facebook and LinkedIn. But, again, it is all about the part you choose to highlight. As we said, an active presence on LinkedIn will be pivotal in organization-level growth.

These are basic ideas, and you can get creative with content repurposing. However, it is also essential to see whether the new content is optimized for different platforms. Otherwise, your efforts towards optimizing the brand may go in vain.

Using for AI-powered Content Repurposing

While we know content repurposing can help brand optimization, creating multiple short-form videos from a YouTube video can be overwhelming. It involves a lot of editing, subtitling, cropping, and post-processing, right? Well, we think using an AI-powered tool is a more convenient choice., an AI-powered content repurposing tool, does just that! But, more importantly, it helps you move past a few points of confusion. For instance, when you start content repurposing, you may not know which parts of a video can perform well on a specific platform, say TikTok. You may also have trouble dealing with technical stuff, such as video aspect ratio, subtitles, and interactive elements.

Thus, even if you hire someone to trim and edit your videos, it might not be enough! But, with, you do not have to worry about these aspects. The following features ensure that every short video you create can help your brand in the best way possible.

  • AI Video Clipping will automatically select the best portions of your existing content and convert them into short-form videos for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.
  • Automatic Subtitling can grab accurate subtitles from the audio, and you can try different templates, including the ones used by popular influencers like Alex Hormozi .
  • can also help you create video chapters and micro videos. So, if you have a long video that worked well on YouTube, you can share individual chapters on LinkedIn or Facebook.
  • You can also explore an incredible variety of social media templates from So, if you do not know how to create your first TikTok video, you can use one of these templates.

What’s more, this content repurposing tool requires no technical expertise. You can import existing content and let do the rest. Once the tool has created short content, you can apply one of the templates or edit it on your own. So, in a few minutes, you will have optimized short content that is likely to trend.

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