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Travel Creator Gets 5.5M+ Views on TikTok With
Customer Stories
November 28, 2023

Travel Creator Gets 5.5M+ Views on TikTok With

Neelabja Adkuloo
4 min
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read

Read how Jack Torr saves time by creating 6-8 short clips from long videos in 20 minutes and boosts his social reach with  

What are your favourite features of

To be honest, I wouldn't have done social media outside of YouTube if it wasn't for because I just don't have the time. Nor do I have the money to pay an editor to do it how I want. But with, video clipping is easy. 

The import process truly stands out to me. Uploading a YouTube link is all it takes, which is remarkably convenient. The seamless integration of automatic captions is impressive. Furthermore, the video resizing feature is exceptionally practical. Another aspect that appeals to me is the social media scheduling feature. Altogether, these functionalities enhance the platform's usability and elevate its value significantly.

How do you ensure your videos are on brand with

The branding kit has been an invaluable asset in my workflow. Its standout feature, allowing me to preserve my personalised brand templates, is incredibly beneficial. These templates have become an integral part of my routine as I consistently rely on them. Accessing my customised templates is a breeze—I simply navigate to my collection and select the specific design I need. This functionality has significantly expedited my work process and ensured consistency across my branding efforts.

What results did you get after using

Since I started using, it's been a time saver; I can upload the YouTube link and make six to eight short clips in 20 minutes, which is great and really easy. 

I've seen tremendous growth in views on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook as a result of using the platform. In fact, I got 5.5M+ views on a recent TikTok I created using that went viral. 

How important is subtitling in your social media strategy?

I've discovered yet another powerful application for subtitling my full-length videos. Its accurate automatic captions are what caught my attention. In Japan, about 70% of people watch videos without sound, especially while commuting or working. Subtitles are key for effortless content consumption in such scenarios. 

Like Jack, you can avoid the hassle of manually subtitling your videos with Sign up on the app today to automatically caption your videos like your favourite creators (think Alex Hormozi and Grant Cardone!).

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