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Video Producer Saves 288 Hours Monthly With

Video Producer Saves 288 Hours Monthly With

January 16, 2024
7 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Discover why Joshua C. Pies, Executive Producer at C47 Film Associates, believes surpasses and Descript in identifying video chapters and shorts.

Q. What were the issues you were facing that helped you resolve?

We became users about six months ago. In the past, creating video content was expensive. With the rise of streaming and changing demands, it became challenging to keep up. We used to create one expensive video for long-term use. As streaming improved, the demand for constantly creating new content became nearly impossible to meet. We initially solved this by having clients film themselves with high-quality cell phones and then using a cloud server for editing. As the workload kept increasing, we started looking for AI solutions and discovered

The platform listens to entire videos, transcribes everything, and provides AI captions that are easily customisable. helps us overcome the challenge of keeping up with the increasing demand for diverse video content on various social platforms.

Q. Have you had any experience with other softwares and found features on our platform that competitors lack?

Yes, we've tried various AI solutions, and while each has its merits, stands out for specific reasons. We use multiple platforms for different purposes, but is our primary platform for finding video chapters and shorts efficiently. It ranks them using the virality score feature, allows template customization, and has a streamlined user interface that suits both professional editors and amateurs. Unlike other platforms, combines AI with editor-style thinking, providing a unique efficiency.

While we use for remote recordings, outperforms it in finding better cuts and offering advanced video editing features. The text-based editing feature in is cool, but not as functional as We also use Descript, which is excellent for transcribing and generating show notes, but it lacks the advanced editing capabilities of Overall, stands out as a comprehensive solution for our video editing needs.

Q. How has short form content creation impacted your social media presence, and what goals do you aim to achieve through it?

We believe in the concept that "the riches are in the niches." Our short-form content attracts loyal fans rather than aiming for mass appeal. Our strategy focuses on building relationships with strategic high-value targets through feature-length episodes. The short-form content, usually 60 seconds or less, performs exceptionally well on platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn. While we went from getting 200 to 3000 views per video, the main goal is not mass adoption but attracting the right people. The proof of our success lies in receiving phone calls and requests for collaboration from individuals who have seen our content. Our approach emphasizes quality over quantity, allowing us to make a meaningful impact within our niche.

Q. How has influenced your approach to storytelling, and do you intentionally align your content for shorts creation now?

For feature-length episodes, we encourage natural conversations without focusing too much on shorts creation. However, we recognize the value of shorter clips in storytelling. The chapters feature in helps us find and reframe content for different platforms efficiently. We are planning special sessions where we intentionally mimic John Maxwell's "Minute With Maxwell" format, recording continuous snippets to leverage's unique capabilities. This approach allows us to respond to the opportunities presented by AI and streamline the editing process.

Q. How do you ensure your videos are on brand with’s branding kit is crucial for maintaining consistency. We fill out the brand kit with essential elements and use it to build templates, ensuring that our videos align with our brand.

Q. Has helped you save money or resources? has significantly contributed to cost savings by reducing the time spent on manual editing. Labor expenses have been trimmed, saving four days per client every month. While we're not reducing overall labor costs, we're redirecting the saved time to add more value to clients and invest in our own marketing. This has positively impacted employee morale as the team has more available time to focus on tasks that bring value. The marketing efforts, supported by, have led to increased customer retention and a surge in demand for our services.

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