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How Helped a Business Owner 10x Her Video Content

How Helped a Business Owner 10x Her Video Content

June 25, 2024
6 mins
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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L.Y. Marlow’s podcast series and her strategic approach to social media have become indispensable resources for entrepreneurs aiming to scale their businesses. This consistency is credited to her effective use of batching, repurposing, and redistributing content, which not only keeps the content pipeline flowing but also ensures a uniform quality across all episodes.

The Challenge: Outdated Social Media Tools

For years, L.Y. Marlow managed her social media strategy using traditional scheduling tools, but soon realized their limitations when it came to her expanding consultancy, Grow My Business Fast. Her new venture demanded a platform that could handle the full spectrum of content creation and repurposing, including video editing, blog management, and multi-channel distribution. As L.Y. herself puts it, "I knew my consultancy needed a more sophisticated solution."

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The Solution: Switching to Social Media Autopilot,

A critical aspect of L.Y.’s strategy involves understanding and responding to audience needs through direct feedback mechanisms. A recent survey conducted among her clients revealed a 66% preference for more video content, prompting a strategic pivot towards more video production.

Enter – the all-in-one platform that hits all the right notes for L.Y.'s consultancy. stood out for its intuitive interface and robust functionality. Not only did it promise simplicity, but L.Y. was introduced to the platform through a webinar on content strategy, where it was presented as an innovative solution. " was like a game-changer for me," L.Y. explains. "It offered everything I needed in one place, from video editing to blog creation."

A testament to this success is her remarkable achievement of maintaining a consistent podcast schedule that resonates with her audience. Her podcast episodes, published three times a week, have seen a steady 15% increase in listener engagement quarter-over-quarter. 

Moreover, L.Y. swears by’s virality scoring feature, which helps predict the potential success of content before it’s published. This feature evaluates the shareability and popularity of content, ensuring that only the most impactful pieces are disseminated. This AI-driven approach enabled L.Y. to identify a piece of content that scored 10% higher in virality compared to others, significantly boosting its reach and engagement.

L.Y. advocates for managing a few core platforms intensely rather than spreading efforts too thin across many. This strategy is evidenced by her own social media management, where despite posting on all five major platforms using’s one-click social media scheduling feature, she focuses her engagement efforts on LinkedIn and Instagram. This targeted approach resulted in a 19% higher engagement rate on these platforms compared to others.

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The Results: Building a Strong Online Presence

As L.Y.'s consultancy flourished, she found herself more connected with her clients' unique needs and challenges. played a pivotal role in this process, allowing her to create a dynamic, online presence, improving her ability to engage and foster relationships with her clients. More than just a tool for content creation, enabled L.Y. to build an ecosystem where connections were strengthened and communication thrived.

Reflecting on her experience, L.Y. notes, "Now I have a streamlined approach to content creation and distribution. has become an essential part of my brand, amplifying my reach without losing the essence of my message. I use its tools to enhance my client interactions and offer tailored solutions, all while saving time and effort."

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Looking Forward: Lessons and Takeaways

With's powerful suite of tools, L.Y. continues to expand her consultancy and connect with her audience on a deeper level. Her advice for fellow entrepreneurs looking to enhance their digital presence: "Start by taking that first step. Break it down into manageable bits and let do the rest. Even just speaking your intentions into existence is a start."

It’s with this drive and efficiency that L.Y. continues to inspire her clients and elevate their social media presence with If you’re inspired by L.Y.'s story, sign up on today to achieve your social media goals and grow your business. You can use the code LYMARLOW10 to get 10% off on all our annual plans!

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