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December 28, 2023
5 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Discover how Pete Turner, podcaster on the ‘Break It Down Show,’ optimised resources and enhanced video production productivity by using

How has influenced your approach to storytelling in short-form videos? has significantly increased our short form storytelling output. Video editing and curating content for different platforms used to be time-consuming. We love long-form conversations, but picking out milestone moments from an hour-long discussion was a massive effort. Before, we weren't consistent in this aspect. Additionally, platforms prefer shorter content, which didn't align with our preferences. Having to assist in this process has tremendously increased our productivity.

How has short form content created using impacted your discovery on social media? has helped me increase my brand visibility on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. However, different platforms yield varying results. Discoverability is always a challenge, competing with numerous other shows and personalities. The content I repurpose using acts as a networking, PR, and marketing tool, creating opportunities. People often reach out after watching our content, acknowledging our hard work, leading to potential collaborations. 

What are your favourite features of

The one-click social media scheduling and AI captioning features have completely transformed my social media game. Earlier, I had to manually publish across platforms. Now, with, I save substantial time and effort. I appreciate the continuous innovations in the product.

What does your video editing workflow look like with

I download the video from StreamYard, upload it to the platform, and review the clips selected. Then, we edit the chosen segments and publish them across chosen platforms. It takes around 20 minutes once everything's set up.

Have you saved money using

Absolutely, I redirected funds from a podcast production team to invest in It improved productivity and enabled better use of resources by focusing on more beneficial avenues.

Like Pete, you can save 10x time and effort using up on the app today to start your content repurposing journey.

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