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November 23, 2023
6 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Read how assists fitness instructor Seth Green save 6 hours weekly on content creation and content repurposing, elevating his social presence.

What is your goal with online coaching, and in what capacity is helping you achieve that goal?

The primary goal is to secure enough clients to make coaching my full-time gig. helps streamline my video content marketing efforts by pushing out more clips across different platforms. The 30-second or 1-minute clips the platform generates for YouTube Instagram Reels and TikTok helps me expand my digital footprint. 

What was your experience with Capcut and other video editing apps, and what made you switch to has an auto-captioning feature, similar to Capcut, but it goes one step further by automating video clipping, combining the functionalities of multiple video editing apps into one. Secondly, using, you can also verify short video lengths (considering YouTube's one-minute cutoff), trim as necessary, and directly schedule posts across social media platforms. 

How much time have you saved with

Using saves roughly 10-20 minutes per video. If I'm producing 10-15 videos weekly, that accumulates to saving 6 hours weekly for eight videos.

Previously, I had to rewatch and splice a ten-minute video multiple times. With, it's all done in one go, aiding in better time management.

What are your favorite features of the plan that you use? 

I like the extensive array of social media templates and the ease of editing font color, style, text and size. Saving custom fonts would be a bonus. But generally, offers everything I need, like progress bars, AI captions, and a range of backgrounds. 

How would you say has impacted your social media presence? substantially boosts the volume of content you’re able to produce. I now post YouTube Shorts daily, whereas previously, it might have been once or twice a week. The impressions on some of those Shorts have surged by 500% compared to older ones.

Like Seth, you can increase your content publishing cadence with Sign up on the app to grow your online brand with our versatile video editing tools, customizable social media templates, auto captioning, social media integrations, and an extensive B-Rolls library. 

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