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CEO Grows Followers by 47.5% in 9 Months With

CEO Grows Followers by 47.5% in 9 Months With

January 16, 2024
6 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Read how Vannesia Darby, CEO of MOXIE Nashville, repurposed an older video which reached 42,000 views with over 1000 comments and saved her $700, using

The interview was completed by MOXIE Nashville’s Social Media Coordinator, Africa Hill.

Q. How were you repurposing content before you stumbled upon

I was manually doing everything. I took content from YouTube, where we post a lot, or from previous interviews and speaking engagements. I would then edit them using CapCut or Canva, digging out the perfect moments to post on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. really helped me find those perfect moments, saving me hours of rewatching and editing. With the time saved, I could focus on adding more social channels to the mix.

Q. What is the USP of that separates it from the competition?’s standout feature for me was the automated clipping of the video. CapCut has saved templates but its user interface is complex to navigate. I wanted something simple where I could throw the video in and get multiple clips easily. provided me with that simplicity.

Q. What do you like about

I love the AI captioning and progress bar features. It adds an extra flair to videos. The ability to incorporate a brand kit was crucial for maintaining brand consistency, prompting us to invest in the pro plan. I incorporate the brand colors and logos, creating an end portion of the videos with Vanessa Darby or MOXIE Nashville branding. It helps with brand recall and consistency.

The platform also gives me ideas for captions and eliminates the need to outsource video editing. It provides a guide for writing captions based on the content.

Q. Can you quantify the amount of time saved with

I saved four hours on editing one lengthy video. With MOXIE Nashville's extensive video content, this allowed me to stay consistent, create more designed content, and focus on the content calendar. I also batched extra content for future repurposing.

Q. Has helped you save money and resources?

I estimate it saved us $700, considering the volume and length of videos we handle.

Q. How has contributed to shaping your brand image?

We've been using it for nine months, and it has enhanced the consistency and quality of our work. Increased engagement has led to a 47.5% growth in followers. I recently repurposed an older video which reached 42,000 views with over 1000 comments, all made possible by

The videos lead the audience to the company newsletter, prompting them to explore coaching, courses, merchandise, and digital downloads. It pushes them towards different channels, leading to a variety of opportunities.

Q. Has influenced your approach to storytelling for long-form content?

Yes, it has made storytelling more intentional. 

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