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How Shipping Inefficiencies Prompted a CEO To Start a Podcast

How Shipping Inefficiencies Prompted a CEO To Start a Podcast

June 25, 2024
5 mins
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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In the intricate world of e-commerce and logistics, Matt Lessard has orchestrated a breakthrough solution that strikes the right chord with business owners. Based in Canada, Matt founded Buster Fetcher, a company dedicated to helping businesses lower their shipping invoices. By leveraging the often-overlooked on-time delivery guarantees offered by major carriers like UPS and FedEx, Matt's company ensures that businesses receive refunds for late deliveries, transforming potential losses into instant ROI.

Switching from manual processes to using automated tools to optimize refund claims, Matt scaled his business through strategic content creation and leveraging AI tools for social media engagement: "I'm about maximizing efficiency and tapping into resources that are often overlooked. If a tool or process can save time and money, it's worth exploring."

This quote embodies Matt's pragmatic and innovative approach to business, driving Buster Fetcher's growth and success.

The Challenge: Overcoming Shipping Inefficiencies

Starting with his other business, Zoomalka, which provides natural remedies for pets, Matt experienced firsthand the frustration of shipping delays. A customer in Australia had paid $70 for expedited shipping on a $30 product, only for the package to arrive late. This incident led Matt to discover that carriers guarantee timely deliveries and offer refunds for delays—a fact that many businesses were unaware of.

"I found out that the carrier guaranteed that shipment because it was their fault. So we asked for a refund, and it worked. It was a real eye-opener," Matt recalls.

With this revelation, Matt saw an opportunity to help other businesses recoup these hidden losses and founded Buster Fetcher in 2017. The initial challenge was educating businesses about this untapped resource and setting up an efficient system to claim these refunds.

The Solution: Automating and Educating 

To tackle this challenge, Lessard knew that automation and education were key. Buster Fetcher developed a system to monitor shipments and automatically claim refunds for late deliveries, providing immediate savings for clients. However, spreading the word required a robust content strategy and an effective social media presence.

Enter—a tool that revolutionized Matt's approach to content creation. Initially, Matt and his team faced difficulties in creating and distributing high-quality content consistently. "Back in 2018, we had no strategy at all. We had to learn everything from scratch," Matt admits. provided a seamless way to generate video content, especially for their podcast, "Woman Powering E-commerce," hosted by Matt's wife and co-founder, Suzie Cyrenne. This podcast aimed to empower women in e-commerce by sharing insights and stories from their own business experiences.

" kind of got dangled in front of me like a really nice carrot... I remember hearing the phrase, ' is an all-in-one,' and, I'm not gonna lie, that was like, 'yes, hello, I'll have some of that, thank you very much,'" Matt shares. In, Matt found a platform capable of successfully handling his demands for podcast promotions. 

The Results: Streamlined Processes and Increased Engagement 

With, Matt was able to streamline podcast content creation, allowing Suzie to focus on delivering valuable content while the tool handled the editing and podcast distribution across multiple platforms, including YouTube. This not only increased their social media presence but also enhanced brand authority.

"Processes are doing everything. If you have a tool that can help you to just make it as easy as possible without compromising the quality, you have to use it," Matt emphasizes.

By leveraging’s one-click social media scheduling feature, Buster Fetcher was able to maintain a consistent content schedule, significantly boosting their engagement and reach. It helped establish Suzie and Buster Fetcher as thought leaders in the e-commerce space.

Looking Forward: Expanding Horizons 

Matt's journey with Buster Fetcher is a testament to the power of innovation and strategic use of technology. Looking ahead, Matt plans to expand their content strategy to include more educational materials and explore new markets, both for Buster Fetcher and their podcast.

"Find that first step and just do it. Step in and if that first step is too scary, then make it even smaller. This might mean just speaking it into existence—because even that is a start," Matt advises other business owners.

With's support, Buster Fetcher is poised for continued growth, ready to help more businesses save money and optimize their shipping processes while building a stronger online presence. If you’re inspired by Matt’s story, see how can help you achieve your content creation goals and build a successful online business by signing up today. You can use the code Matt10 to get 10% off on all our annual plans!

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