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Founder Reaches 133K Instagram Followers in 6 Months With

Founder Reaches 133K Instagram Followers in 6 Months With

June 25, 2024
7 mins
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
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Read how ​​Jen Bryan, Founder of Velocity Growth and creator of the popular 0-100 IG Growth course, got 133k Instagram followers in just 6 months using

Q. How did you decide to start building your own brand on social media?

 My journey began on May 29th, 2023 when a client questioned if I had firsthand experience with the social media advice I was giving. Realizing I hadn’t applied my own strategies, I felt like a shoemaker without shoes. I committed to posting content daily for 100 days, which extended to 150 days. The first 30 days were tough, but things started to gain momentum between days 30 and 45, eventually snowballing from there.

Q. What specific strategies did you apply to gain 100,000 followers in just six months?

 I studied other creators in my niche and experimented with their content styles. My marketing background helped me analyze data and understand what resonated with audiences. Initially, I dedicated a lot of effort to recording, editing, and scheduling content. Over time, I leveraged AI tools like to streamline the process. The key was consistency, learning from data, and continually refining my strategies.

Q. How did your marketing background help expedite your growth on social media?

 My experience in PPC marketing taught me the importance of capturing attention quickly and structuring content to retain viewer interest. Although social media was new territory, my ability to analyze data and optimize content for paid advertising provided a solid foundation to understand and adapt to social media algorithms.

Q. What advice would you give to creators with no marketing experience who want to grow on social media?

 AI tools have significantly shortened the learning curve. Instead of investing countless hours learning complex tools, focus on creativity and let handle much of the legwork. Utilize to create short form videos and optimize your content strategy.

Q. Should creators use their personal name or a brand name for social media branding?

 It depends on your stage of business growth. For those without their first hundred customers, it's easier to connect personally with potential customers. As your business grows, you might transition to a brand name. Starting with a personal brand allows for more personal connections, which can evolve into a business brand over time.

Q. How can you attract a niche market as new followers on social media?

 Target your niche by creating content that addresses their specific interests. Research trending topics in your industry using tools like Google Trends, Answer the Public, and social media search features. Then, add your unique perspective to make your content stand out.

Q. How can you build a business on social media to sell digital products?

 Structure your content with a clear hook, address a problem, provide a solution, and include a strong call to action. For example, offer an eBook and ask viewers to comment if they want it, then send the link directly to their DMs. This personal approach increases engagement and conversion rates.

Q. How do you attract local followers to your business on social media?

 While it’s challenging to control geographical targeting on platforms like Instagram, you can use location tags on your posts. Additionally, you can exclude certain age groups in specific regions from seeing your content through Instagram’s settings, effectively narrowing down your audience by exclusion.

Q. How do you create video content that converts into sales?

Understand your pricing and where your audience is in the sales funnel. Use Instagram for broad reach and then guide your audience through a funnel with more in-depth content on platforms like YouTube. Offer value with free resources like eBooks and use automations to engage and convert leads over time.

Q. What AI tools do you use and what are your favorites?

I use a variety of AI tools including:

  • Video editing: Tools like for editing long and short form content.
  • Podcast recording: Squadcast for high-quality virtual recording.
  • Design: Canva for thumbnails.
  • Transcription and notes:’s transcription feature for creating show notes.
  • DM automation: ManyChat for automated DM responses and engagement.
  • Planning: Notion for content planning and organization.

Q. What strategies can help accelerate growth for video clips that get consistent views but don't grow beyond a certain point?

To accelerate growth, analyze your video performance dat

  • Look at videos with higher view rates and identify common factors.
  • Aim for a view rate above 50%, which usually correlates with better performance.
  • Structure your videos with a hook, problem, solution, and call-to-action (CTA) to maintain viewer retention.
  • Encourage engagement through comments and saves, as these metrics are more important than likes.
  • Alternate between growth mode (maximizing reach with proven content) and experimentation mode (trying new formats and ideas).

Q. How many hashtags should one use for their videos?

Using too many hashtags is not effective. Focus on quality over quantity. Instagram's algorithm is more sophisticated now and reads captions and thumbnails for context. Instead of relying heavily on hashtags, embed relevant keywords naturally in your captions. While hashtags can still help, they are not as crucial as they once were.

Q. How can trending audios help video content, and how to choose the right ones?

Trending audios can boost your video's reach, especially if used at the right time:

  • Find audios with 10-20K uses to catch trends early.
  • Use tools like Instagram's Explore feature to identify trending sounds.

While incorporating trending audios can help, your content should still provide value and relevance.

Q. Are there any recommended tools for DM automation, and how do they work?

Tools like ManyChat can automate your DMs effectively. It costs around $10 a month and scales based on your contacts:

  • Use ManyChat to handle routine inquiries and direct followers to specific actions.
  • Customize responses based on follower interactions to maintain a personalized feel.
  • Regularly clean up your contact list to keep costs low.

Q. Does diversifying your social media platforms increase revenue, and how should one approach it?

 Diversifying platforms can increase your reach and revenue:

  • Repurpose content for different platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts.
  • Adapt call-to-actions and formats to fit each platform's unique audience.
  • Track performance across platforms to identify where your content performs best.
  • Be prepared to experiment and adjust strategies based on each platform's response.

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