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CEO Saves Thousands of Dollars on Content Creation With
Customer Stories
March 18, 2024

CEO Saves Thousands of Dollars on Content Creation With

Neelabja Adkuloo
6 min
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read

Read how Mark, owner of Mark Brower Properties–a US-based property management company–is improving the brand’s presence with video repurposing by 

Q. How does video repurposing using align with your marketing strategy?

As a small business owner, I don't have many resources to put together a full marketing team. About 10 months ago, at a conference, another business owner in my industry mentioned he used He said it's all he needs to chop up his videos and create reels. I looked into it and found it extremely functional and a huge time-saver. That's how I started using it.

Q. What are your use cases for 

Firstly, if I'm invited onto a podcast and the host posts it on YouTube, I love how I can take that YouTube video URL, put it into, and it extracts the reels for me, providing captions and all. Secondly, I regularly have a videographer come to my office twice a month for a one to two-hour recording session. It's great because I can just have a dialogue, whether alone or with my team, and then use to extract some reels from that conversation for posting on my Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

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Q. Prior to, how were you handling content repurposing? 

Before, I had to pay someone to repurpose video content, which was challenging because I didn't have the budget to pay someone full-time. It was difficult to attract the quality of talent needed to produce good quality videos consistently. I also started using apps like CapCut, but it was very time-consuming and slowed me down from running my business and pursuing other initiatives. It would easily take me over an hour per reel to get the AI captions right, the music right, and ensure it fit the format of all the different social media platforms. 

Q. How much money have you saved by switching to

Each reel produced with someone else's help would cost anywhere from 15 to 30 US dollars per reel, if done in volume. So, if I wanted to do a reel a day, I can easily save a thousand dollars a month by using The savings is significant.

Q. What has your experience with AI subtitles that are auto generated using been like?

The subtitles that places in the video are not only very accurate but also extremely important in meeting current social trends. I've read studies indicating that most people watch reels with their volume off. So, for them to consume my content, captions are essential. When cuts a reel from longer form content, it immediately shows me several formatting options, allowing me to quickly use video templates I've set up or choose from other suggestions to switch up the format.

Q. What other features of do you find valuable?

The AI that's built in is really good at finding and clipping short videos that are suitable for reels. The user-friendly editor allows me to adjust the clips easily if needed. I also like that intelligently detects scene change when there are two people on the screen during an interview and can split the screen vertically to ensure both are in frame, even in a portrait orientation. also makes it easy for me to add my logo to the reels. Once I set it up, I can easily import my logo, position it on the screen, and size it as needed. Then, I save that as a template for future use. I can easily access my favorite templates, including my logo, and adjust colors to ensure consistency with my brand.

Q. How has your social media game changed post using

Generating short-form content with has helped me with lead generation and creating more business opportunities. The audience reception has been super positive. I've received comments and messages appreciating the engaging and informative content. People seem to enjoy the concise and visually appealing reels, which has led to increased interaction and interest in my brand.

A recent successful campaign involved repurposing a podcast interview into short-form reels using The social media metrics showed a significant increase in views, likes, and shares compared to previous campaigns. This demonstrates the effectiveness of in creating engaging content from long-form interviews.

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