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How a Marketing Agency Owner 10x’d her Video Output Using
Customer Stories
October 24, 2023

How a Marketing Agency Owner 10x’d her Video Output Using

Neelabja Adkuloo
10 min
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read

Discover how Wendy boosted her social media reach by 2000 times with, repurposing her existing content using half the effort, time, and resources.

“My YouTube views skyrocketed 2,000 times after using! I'm posting on social media more consistently by spending <10 minutes on the platform, reaching a wider audience and generating more leads.”
- Wendy Susan Richmond, Founder and CEO of Results Matter Dental Marketing

Goal: Wendy wanted a more efficient way of creating and posting short form content to supercharge her social presence and business.

Approach: She used to import her long-form Facebook live streams, generating short clips she scheduled for posting via our platform on social media. 

Outcome: Wendy recorded a 2,000 times uptick in YouTube views.

What can you get out of this:

  • How to streamline your content creation and distribution 
  • How to repurpose content to tailor your reactivation campaigns 

A sales rep-turned-marketing agency owner for dentists, Wendy Susan Richmond understands the importance of short form content. With limited time to juggle multiple projects, she relies on to create short form content for LinkedIn, YouTube Shorts, Facebook Reels, and TikTok more efficiently.

The Problem

“I have a lot of long form content and, you know, and I put it up once and then that's it. Nothing else. And then it's just kind of there.”

Before she started using, she faced some major challenges in video creation:

1. Transforming Lengthy Videos into Bite-Sized Content: Finding an efficient way to repurpose long videos was a persistent issue.

2. Enhancing Visual Appeal: She wanted to add subtitles and other elements to ensure the end product was not only consumable but also aesthetically pleasing to viewers.

3. Lack of Time for Video Editing: The time-consuming nature of manual video editing hindered her ability to focus on other essential aspects of our business.

The Approach

To manage the workload, Wendy paid a video editor to create Shorts and add captions in them. But the results didn’t meet her expectations. 

With, she’s able to create content without the hassle of extensive editing or the hefty cost of hiring an editor.

She is currently managing reactivation campaigns on Facebook for multiple clients, relying on the powerful capabilities of 

One of the standout features she appreciates is the platform's ability to automatically generate AI captions and descriptions for social media captions. . She finds this particular function incredibly valuable, as it not only streamlines the content creation process but also enhances accessibility and engagement for her audience.

“Thinking back to previous softwares, it would take me hours trying to edit videos. Whereas now with, I can expedite short form content creation.”

The Outcome

The first few videos she uploaded to her YouTube initially garnered a couple of hundred views. However, with time, she began to see around 2,000 views on each YouTube Short video she released. 

When asked about’s impact on her social presence, she highlighted an increase in the frequency of short video posts. With just an hour of video content, she can generate multiple clips, simplifying content calendar planning. Her posting frequency has also risen from 1 post per week to 7 posts per week. 

Regarding the most significant value provides, she emphasizes the money saved. The cost of scanning hours and video creation time is no longer a concern, as helped her save $1000 on hiring a video editor and a VA. With the money saved, she’s able to invest in upskilling herself. 

Way Forward

Wendy is excited about the potential of’s brand kit feature. It’ll be a valuable asset for her as she’ll no longer need to repeatedly upload brand assets whenever she requires them and it’ll help her optimize her brand

You too can experience this game-changing convenience. Sign up for the app today to take the guesswork out of subtitling and crafting social media captions.

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