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January 15, 2024
5 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Read how enables Aaron Dishner, Founder of The Better Traders, to produce 4 daily shorts, enhancing YouTube views and channel growth with time savings.

Q. What were the challenges you were tackling that solved for you?

I'm a crypto YouTuber. I have tons of video content that I put out on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. Even though I edit my own videos, I didn't know how to take a long video, identify interesting parts, and then chop it up, add the subtitles, and add B-roll. It's way too much work for me to do it on my own. So when I found, I instantly got hooked. 

Q. How were you previously handling content repurposing for which you reached out to

I was doing it on my own. As I make the videos, I think about, "Oh, this would probably be a good short right here." In the past, I also hired video editors to do content repurposing and identify good content for shorts. Or I would make short-form content, and I'd have to just manually edit it. So it wasn't as streamlined as it is now using

Q. How did resolve the issues you were experiencing? identifies amazingly enough some really interesting parts of the videos that either I'd forgotten about or I never really would have thought would make good content. It's amazing because when I see how my shorts are performed, I often get some really good performing shorts that were ranked highly by or identified by So it's helping me to grow my channel, which is really great. 

I can now generate tons and tons of short-form content from one video and just space it out throughout the week. So what I've noticed more and more is that when I stay consistent in posting the shorts and do like four shorts a day, it really helps to push it out into the algorithm which helps to increase views and grow my channel. I've seen lots of videos for me getting 2000 views in under an hour. That's amazing to get that kind of traction that fast. 

Q. What do you like about

I really like the fact that your support team is very responsive. You guys have a Discord server, which I love because I'm a Discord fan. So when I have a bug request or a feature request, I get someone replying to that, and I see those things implemented. 

I noticed recently that the video editor has been improved. I really liked that. I also have noticed that the auto captions have improved a lot in the last couple of months. Perhaps because AI, in general, has improved. I like the CutMagic feature which helps auto detect scene change. I can also resize, zoom in, and zoom out. So that way, it's not just one static shot the entire time; I have some freedom to make the video a bit more engaging. automatically identifies 20, 25, 30 shorts, depending on the video. I make a couple of adjustments and then download them and ship them out. It’s that simple.

Q. How do you ensure your short-form videos are on brand with

My brand kit has all the colors that match our company brand, and all the logos are there. There's even an area to upload music, and I actually make all of my own music. So it's nice to be able to upload that. I also like to mix things up by adding graphics or B Rolls contextual to my brand.

Q. How has helped you save money or resources? 

I think has saved us money as a business; it's reasonably priced. Regarding time spent, being a perfectionist, I ensure the videos generated using look good and represent me and my brand well. 

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