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October 31, 2023
7 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Discover the impact of on content repurposing and audience engagement for Dave Sobel, host of the Business of Tech podcast, and owner of MSP Radio. 

How has influenced your content repurposing journey?

Well, one of the things that has enabled me to do is accomplish more in my content repurposing journey. When I used to assemble my podcast manually, I had to handle all the editing myself, including repetitive tasks like chopping and reusing segments for short form content creation. What I've discovered is that excels at handling this task efficiently. Because I have a selection of segments to choose from, I can then use my analysis to determine the three or four highlights I want to include out of the 10 or 11 that it suggests. It's also particularly proficient at reformatting content, allowing me to switch from a traditional 16:9 aspect ratio to 1:1 or other formats swiftly. Ultimately, I've found that it enables me to produce more content in less time.

How much time are you saving by using

I don't consider using primarily for saving time; I view it as an expansion opportunity. Initially, I used to manually compile content for YouTube Shorts, which was quite time-consuming. However, with, I can not only produce more content but also have it rapidly reformatted for Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube Shorts. The tool also assists in writing custom social media descriptions for each platform. So, I can achieve greater levels of output within the same time frame while reaching four different platforms. My main focus remains YouTube Shorts and LinkedIn, but this approach allows me to experiment on TikTok and Instagram without incurring extra costs or time.

What kind of growth have you experienced on the platforms where you publish your short-form content?

I've observed a significant increase in impressions and engagement on both LinkedIn and YouTube, especially by consistently posting a substantial amount of content over time. This has made the growth curve steeper. 

My podcast listeners often comment saying I seem to be everywhere, and that's valuable feedback to me. It ensures that my content is available in all the places where listeners want to consume it, without me having to manually ensure that it is completely formatted for each of those locations.


What are your favourite features of the Pro Plan you’re on?

For me, it's all about the end-to-end workflow. I can upload a video, and within about 10 minutes, all the necessary editing is done within the platform. I can review everything and schedule it across my platforms without needing to download or use other tools. This seamless process is the key for me.

Share your go-to strategies for audience engagement in your videos, and how they tie in with

I actively participate on all the social platforms, ensuring interaction with all my listeners and responding to comments. helps me ensure that my content is posted at the right times in the right places. This allows me to be prepared for the necessary engagement at these specific times.

What are your thoughts on’s subtitling feature?

I use the application to create captions for my videos but I always review the AI captions because I believe AI-generated content requires double checking, especially for acronyms and company names. Ensuring accuracy is crucial since these details matter to people. However, saves me a significant amount of time as I don't have to transcribe everything manually; I merely have to verify its accuracy.

How do you ensure your short form videos are on brand with

I take advantage of all the branding features within  I've created templates that match my style and corporate colours to maintain a consistent look. I ensure that all my logos are uploaded on the app. Additionally, I have pre-designed intros and outros in my brand kit, making it easy to add them to videos while ensuring they adhere to the brand colours and aesthetics. This saves me time, allowing me to focus on script checks and ensuring the video cuts meet my preferences before sending them out.

What are your thoughts on the ways can assist novice podcasters?

It's a great tool to kickstart your video production process. My advice to aspiring podcasters is to experiment in the early stages when your audience is smaller. Through practice, you'll develop the ability to consistently deliver content over time. The key is maintaining that consistency. allows you to efficiently create content repeatedly.

If you’ve tried other solutions, what made them fall short? What features did we bring to the table that the competition didn’t?

Yes, I've tried various platforms, but what truly impressed me about is its all-in-one capability. Features like Cutmagic, which automatically detects scene changes, really stood out to me.

Can you discuss any opportunities you may have encountered when adapting your content for social media using

One significant benefit of is that it allows me to experiment on platforms I might not be entirely comfortable with. Personally, I admit I may have a few more grey hair than other podcasters, and I'm not as at ease with platforms like TikTok. However, having a tool like this enables me to experiment comfortably. It primarily lets me maintain my distinct voice and style while testing how well it resonates on different platforms. For me, that's the most important difference – the ability to engage in experimentation. 

Give a makeover to your short form content with Cutmagic and AI captioning by signing up for the app today. 

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