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How a Founder Built a Global Audience of 50K Subscribers With

How a Founder Built a Global Audience of 50K Subscribers With

June 25, 2024
5 mins
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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In the dynamic realm of media and healthcare, Ann Marie McQueen has crafted a platform that strikes a chord with her audience. Ann launched Hotflash Inc. in June 2020, a comprehensive resource dedicated to menopause education and support. Leveraging her extensive background in journalism and healthcare, she provides valuable insights and information through her podcast, newsletter, and social media channels, reaching a global audience of over 50,000 subscribers.

The Journey: From Personal Experience to Global Impact

Ann Marie's journey began with her own challenges during menopause. Frustrated by the lack of reliable information and support, she decided to create a resource that could help others navigate this significant life transition. "Menopause can be overwhelming and isolating. I wanted to build a community where women could find reliable information and feel supported," Ann Marie recalls.

This personal mission led to the creation of Hotflash Inc. Initially, Ann Marie faced the challenge of building an audience from scratch. However, her expertise in journalism and her passion for the cause quickly resonated with many women experiencing similar struggles.

The Solution: Leveraging Technology and Content Strategy

To address the need for accessible and reliable menopause information, Ann Marie knew that strategic content creation and leveraging technology were crucial. She began by publishing a weekly research newsletter that provided up-to-date information on clinical studies, treatments, products, and expert guidance. This newsletter quickly became a trusted resource for her growing audience.

However, reaching a broader audience required a robust content strategy and an effective social media presence. Enter—a tool that revolutionized Ann Marie's approach to content creation. Initially, she faced difficulties in consistently creating and distributing high-quality content. "In the beginning, we had no strategy. We had to learn everything from scratch," Ann Marie admits. provided a seamless way to generate and edit video content using AI, particularly for Hotflash Inc. Podcast. Ann could now focus on delivering valuable content while the platform handled the repurposing and distribution across multiple platforms, like YouTube. " was like a lifeline. It made the process of content creation so much easier," Ann Marie shares.

The Results: Streamlined Processes and Increased Engagement

With, Ann Marie was able to streamline podcast content creation. This not only increased her social media presence but also enhanced her brand authority. "Having a tool that simplifies the process without compromising quality is invaluable," Ann Marie emphasizes.

By leveraging's one-click social media scheduling feature, Hotflash Inc. maintained a consistent content schedule, significantly boosting engagement and reach. This consistency helped establish Ann Marie and Hotflash Inc. as thought leaders in the menopause education space. 

Consistency is key to maintaining and growing an audience. Ann Marie suggests planning content in seasons to avoid burnout. "With, you can repurpose old podcasts, cut highlights from past episodes, or even do mini-episodes if time is tight. This keeps your content engaging without overwhelming yourself."

Looking Forward: Expanding Horizons

Ann Marie's journey with Hotflash Inc. is a testament to the power of innovation and strategic use of technology. Looking ahead, she plans to expand her content strategy to include more educational materials and explore newer markets. "Find that first step and just do it. If that first step is too scary, then make it smaller. Speaking it out into the universe is a start," Ann Marie advises other content creators.

With's support, Hotflash Inc. is poised for continued growth, ready to help more women navigate menopause while building a stronger online presence. 

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