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October 31, 2023
5 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Read how The Pediatric Experience, an online chiropractic community led by CMO John Price, went from posting a reel every few days to sharing them twice daily using

How were you previously handling specific problems for which you reached out to How did those attempts turn out?

We had video contractors, production teams, and content teams—all working separately, which made it challenging to figure out how to best set up the contractors with the content. We realized that we needed an efficient solution. As we worked with different video contractors, we noticed that some of them were using They provided great feedback to us, saying we could use the tool to make edits ourselves. So we gradually shifted to using It wasn't long before they handed over the reins to us, saying that we could handle the process independently. The tool made our content creation and management much more seamless.

Before, how would you repurpose longform content? 

Before using, we relied on two main approaches to identify suitable segments for repurposing video content. First, if I or someone from our team was the one recording the content, we made notes during the Zoom recording to highlight moments that stood out or contained valuable information. We would pinpoint these 60 or 90 second moments as potential short form content. 

The second approach was to review the long-form videos after they were recorded. If the person recording didn't make notes during the session, our content team would go through the video, identify video clippings, and select parts that we wanted to use for short form content. This process required time and effort to go through the long-form content, decide on the clips, and communicate this to our contractors for editing.

How has helped you streamline your video production workflow, saving you time and resources?

The tool's AI video editing capabilities are incredible in automatically identifying 7-10 key moments in our long-form videos. It not only extracts these moments but also suggests captions and social media descriptions, which is a massive time-saver for us. We can now quickly turn long-form content into short form content without the need for extensive manual labor. It basically does the work of three full-time video contractors for us. 

Furthermore, the time saved by using has allowed our team to focus on other critical aspects of our content strategy. In essence, the tool has not only helped us scale our content production but also enhance its quality and efficiency, resulting in better overall outcomes for our online presence and engagement. It's been a game-changer.

What features of the Pro Plan are your teams’ favorite?

One of our favorite features of is the ability to get automatic animated captions containing emojis that perfectly match our unique style. The guidelines that show you where to stay within the frame, preventing text from overlapping other elements within platforms, has also been significant. 

How pivotal is captioning for your social media strategy?

I mean, the accuracy of them is why we initially sought a tool like to get captions. Before, we would upload the video to a transcription tool, download the transcription, verify it, and re-upload it to the video. For the most part, I'd say accuracy-wise, we used a lot of different tools, and the accuracy of your tool is 99% all the time, which is really nice. It saved us a ton of time. Early on, with contractors, it was like, "Hey, can you switch these words out?" And they would have to redo it, re-export it, and re-upload it. Now we can just hop in and make changes swiftly. 

What results did you get after using

Our content output has increased substantially. Before, we'd post a reel every three to five days. Now we post one reel everyday or even twice a day. Unsurprisingly, the algorithm rewards us for continued content output. The audience engagement has gone up, especially on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Our social media posts are seeing higher interaction and engagement rates. Our reach and visibility have improved, and we're reaching a larger audience than before.

Additionally, we've noticed that the quality of our content has also improved. The automated captions by have been incredibly helpful for us in creating more informative content pieces. This has contributed to higher click-through rates. 

Sign up on the app today to create more accessible short form content by using the AI captioning feature. 

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