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How to Use AI to Edit Zoom Recordings with

How to Use AI to Edit Zoom Recordings with

August 27, 2023
5 min
Vedant Maheshwari
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Vedant Maheshwari
5 min read
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         Do you have a Zoom recording that you want to use for promotion or branding? It makes more sense to use an AI-powered tool like to edit Zoom recordings and convert them into videos for TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. And you get an impressive set of features like automatic subtitle generation, captions, and social media icons.      

 From regular classes to community calls and from     online courses    to fully-fledged webinars, Zoom is home to so many things. So, as a marketer or content creator, you have many reasons to record Zoom calls.

 Here are a few scenarios where Zoom recordings can come in handy.

  • ¬† Community interactions on Zoom that validate brand growth ¬†
  • ¬†
  • ¬† Influencer Zoom calls where you find share-worthy content ¬†
  • ¬†
  • ¬† Online courses about your business/domain done through Zoom ¬†
  • ¬†
  • ¬† Webinars involving authentic content and subject experts ¬†

 When you think about it, you can find plenty of ways to use and repurpose Zoom call videos. First, you should make sure that you have recorded the entire Zoom call in high quality.

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     How to Record Zoom Calls?    

edit zoom recording

 Zoom offers a built-in option to record calls and meetings. When you have a Zoom call active, you can find a Record button at the bottom part of the window. You can click this button and Zoom will start recording the call. Alternatively, you can use a keyboard shortcut.

  • ¬† Alt + R on Windows ¬†
  • ¬†
  • ¬† Command + Shift + R on Mac ¬†

 These keyboard shortcuts will also launch the recording function. You can use the corresponding buttons to Pause and Resume recording as you wish.

     Editing Zoom Recordings    

 Now that you have a Zoom call recording that contains something worth sharing, it is about how you use the same content. As you can guess, you cannot simply publish the entire Zoom call. Instead, you will have to edit Zoom recording content before using the same on platforms like YouTube,     Instagram    , or TikTok.

 Of course, when most people think about editing video content, they think of doing it manually. It requires at least the basic level of technical expertise, suitable video editing gear, and a sense of what can     trend    on these platforms. So, if you have the right setup, you can use Adobe Premiere, iMovie, or FCP to edit Zoom recordings.

 As you can guess, the     manual method does not always go as planned    . You may have to face multiple challenges, including hardware/software limitations. In the end, it also means you have to work with captions, subtitles, aspect ratio, duration, and a few other elements.

 A viable solution is to use AI to edit Zoom recording videos. And you can use a tool like to make this possible.

     How to Edit Zoom Calls with AI using    

 It is not surprising that AI has reached a stage where it can analyze existing video to create share-worthy clips from it. As it happens, is an AI-powered tool that brings the best of both worlds. Are you wondering what it means?

 You can use to trim and crop short clips from an existing video, which is, in this case, a Zoom call recording. For instance, you may have an entire webinar that consists of multiple speakers. Won’t it be awesome if you can create TikTok videos featuring the best portions from each speaker?

 With, you can do it in a few minutes. And you do not need a high-end PC or a Mac. Instead, you can get started with your existing Zoom call recording and web browser.

     Step 1: Importing the Zoom Recording    

 Once you have signed up for, you can get started with the free account. You can click Upload File button and select the Zoom call recording that you want to edit using the tool.

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 In the following steps, you can also set up preferences, such as where you want to publish the content. will also let you automatically attach promotional info such as your social media handles.

     Step 2: Review and Optimize Clips    

 In a few seconds, will analyze the uploaded video and come up with clips. It is worth noting that all these clips use a proven social media template. And you can choose one of the available templates on the platform.

E6fZGHDEUi4vkIm U6wOnVvbbFc8tgY33STMYEgUXOS2HOTrHd0nJ1ziRtyQMyz Ie1WZTwCEgRv2l7PzDMfkkT7t4YJ LOpOXBW1ki50IdJgmr WTrWMbAb06FDHpl8epIiaDeTy932rz7CLdCq7EM

 After you have selected the best template, you can either download or continue editing.

     Step 3 (BONUS): Editing    

 We told you that brings the best of both worlds. Well, it is because you have the full freedom to edit these optimized clips. For instance, if you want to optimize the subtitles or add social media icons to the video, you can use the dashboard to do it.

 As you can see, using to edit Zoom recordings from your recent call can be quick and easy if you wish.

     Perks of Using AI to Edit Zoom Recordings    

 Here are a few reasons to use AI to edit Zoom recordings instead of manually doing it.

  • ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Automatic Scene Detection ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† can detect when there is a change on the scene. For instance, when you have a different speaker during the webinar, the AI can detect it. It means your TikTok/Instagram videos will have the best level of transitions. ¬†
  • ¬†
  • ¬† AI-based video editors also help you with ¬† ¬† ¬†Subtitle Generation ¬† ¬† . It means you do not have to worry about adding manual subtitles. The best part? will automatically find the best template for the subtitles, including the ones from influencers like Alex Hormozi. ¬†
  • ¬†
  • ¬† Using data analytics and prediction, AI tools can also help you with ¬† ¬† ¬†Chapter Generation and Micro-Videos ¬† ¬† . So, if you have 10 speakers on a Zoom call, you can find chapters based on individual speakers. It is a time-saver for many out there. ¬†
  • ¬†
  • ¬† ¬† ¬†Using AI to edit Zoom videos ¬† ¬† means you do not have to start from scratch. Instead, you can use many of the popular ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Video Templates ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† . When combined with intelligent scene detection, you can get share-worthy videos optimized for each platform. ¬†

 And once you are done, you can add your personal touch to these clips. The robust editor on works as great as a regular editor!


 As you can see, using AI to edit Zoom recording videos is not about saving time and money. It will also make sure that you will have great content that you can share on your favorite platform, be it for personal promotion or     brand optimization    .

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