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November 28, 2023
6 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Read how Alessandro Cecere cut down on video editing time with, boosting the impact of social messaging in webinars, reviews, and interviews.

How has content repurposing contributed to getting more business for Luxor?

Before, keeping up with repurposing content across our channels like YouTube etc. was non-scalable for us at Luxor.’s been a game changer in the realm of video content marketing and an integral addition to the awareness and consideration stages of our marketing funnel. 

What methods did you use before that were not scalable? 

Prior to, we used a native screen recording tool on a Mac, relying on closed captions on platforms like YouTube. This led to lower-quality content and involved a complex process. Simply copying and pasting a YouTube link into has streamlined our content creation.

What are your favorite features of

One of the standout features is's generation of automatic video chapters from YouTube links, providing bite-sized clips of any video we drop in. 

Additionally, the auto-captions feature is remarkable. It allows us to curate captions to fit Luxor's branding by including emojis for more engaging videos. also helps us customize the captions' colors, backgrounds, and emphasizes specific words as the speaker talks. The brand kit additionally ensures our videos maintain our brand's style and colors to improve brand recall. 

How has helped you save time and resources?

Before, we considered expanding Luxor's marketing team due to the time-consuming nature of social media content creation. With, we've cut down on editing time, allowing for greater message amplification, be it in webinars, product reviews, or industry interviews. has also saved us a minimum of two to three hours weekly, up to ten hours during content-heavy weeks. At least one additional team member would have been required for video clipping and content editing responsibilities if it had not been for

What content are you repurposing with

We've leveraged to extract highlights from hour-long interviews and create 15-second clips for different social media platforms. It automatically detects and titles these sections, aiding our marketing team's efforts across Luxor's channels.

What are the results you’ve gotten after using

We've seen a 50% increase in engagement rates on Twitter through’s repurposed content. Additionally, posts with videos have nearly doubled our click-through rates compared to posts with images only.

In the Bitcoin mining industry, particularly on platforms like Twitter, our engagement has grown remarkably. Over an year, our followers increased from below 6k to nearly 15k, significantly attributed to video content produced via

Excellent growth! How does contribute to your lead generation process?

Repurposing video content helps increase traffic that potentially leads to more conversions. Video content on lead capture pages enhances engagement, contributing to more engaging sales pages.

Like Alessandro, you can engage your audience by viral video content you create with Sign up on the app today to create content that clicks with your audience. 

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