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Founder Achieves 13,300 Video Views with

Founder Achieves 13,300 Video Views with

January 24, 2024
7 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Read how Chris Lamb, owner of AlphaGrafikon, a digital agency in the UK, helps founders boost social media presence with video repurposing by 

Q. How does video repurposing, executed using, align with your marketing strategy?

It aligns really well. We work with US clients on podcasts and long-form content, breaking it into one-minute clips. With social media favouring reels, we use to repurpose a two-hour podcast by saving templates, eliminating extensive backend editing. This allows me more time for other tasks like creating social posts and website building.

Q. Has repurposing videos with contributed to your SEO efforts?

Yes, posting more frequently aids our SEO strategy. At our company, we rank clients by building websites aligned with Google's algorithm and daily social media posts. accelerates the process, helping with traffic, backlinks, and overall SEO.

Q. How was your learning curve with

There wasn't much of a curve. I've used other platforms, but's user interface is simple. Upload, cut, receive an email. The virality score and improved features over time make it efficient. 

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Q. What are your favourite features of

I appreciate the ability to choose the video size before uploading. The simplicity of video editing, adding and removing content, and the option to customise social media templates are great. The AI captions and AI video clipping features on stands out, saving me a significant amount of time. 

Also, I appreciate the inclusion of emojis in subtitles, a trend I noticed becoming popular. was quick to adapt, offering the option of auto adding emojis without additional effort. The B-roll feature and CutMagic simplifies the process, correcting footage alignment effortlessly.

Q. How do you ensure your videos are on brand with

I use different templates for each client, maintaining brand colours and logos using the branding kit. It allows me to keep various brands consistent without consuming too much time.

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Q. Can you quantify the time saved with has saved me a week’s worth of editing in a month. With the time saved, I can focus on bringing in more clients, pursuing larger projects, supporting charitable organisations, and boosting our presence on LinkedIn and YouTube. It has eliminated the need to hire additional video editors, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Q. What results have you seen on your socials by using

Our organic marketing efforts have thrived. Across different social platforms, we've reached thousands of people, driving substantial clicks to clients' websites.'s content suggestions with high virality scores have significantly impacted engagement and conversion.

Q. Can you share an example of a successful video content repurposing campaign with

Certainly. We've transformed clients with minimal followers into reaching thousands organically via content repurposing. One example saw 160 video likes turn into a 13,300 reach, with 1,400 clicks retargeted to the website in a 90-day period. This success is attributed to's content suggestions and efficiency.

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Q. In your opinion, what role will play in the future of short-form content generation? will play a massive role. With AI gaining traction and the need for marketers to adapt, is positioned to be a leader. Its continuous improvements, user-friendly interface, and widespread adoption indicate a promising future, potentially dominating the market.

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