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2024 TikTok SEO: 11 Tips for Better Reach + Free Tool

2024 TikTok SEO: 11 Tips for Better Reach + Free Tool

July 3, 2024
9 mins
Allan Martyr
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Allan Martyr
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TikTok SEO is less about traditional search optimization and more about maximizing visibility and engagement. It involves the strategic use of hashtags, engaging captions, and participation in trends to ensure your content surfaces on users' "For You" pages. While users may not be searching for in-depth information, they increasingly turn to TikTok to quickly gather insights on trends, products, and simple how-tos. This introduces a new kind of search behavior tailored to the platform.

Key Factors Influencing TikTok SEO

  1. User Interactions: Likes, shares, comments, and favorites signal to TikTok that your content is engaging. More engagement increases your video's chances of appearing on the FYP.
  2. Video Information: TikTok uses hashtags, sounds, and captions to index and recommend content. Ensure your videos have relevant information for better ranking.
  3. Device and Account Settings: TikTok considers users' language preferences, country settings, and device types when recommending content.
  4. Value to User: Videos watched from start to finish indicate high engagement, which is a strong ranking factor.

Key Strategies for Top TikTok SEO

1. Find Relevant Keywords

Like traditional SEO, keywords still play a crucial role in TikTok SEO. It's essential to find relevant keywords for your content. However, targeting high-volume keywords isn't always the best approach, as some niches are saturated with high-quality content from other creators.

Instead, consider the level of keyword difficulty. This metric indicates how tough it is for your content to rank for that keyword. Low-hanging fruit keywords can be winners if your target audience is searching for them. Balancing keyword search volume, relevance, and difficulty is key to finding suitable keywords for your TikTok SEO.

Incorporate your selected keywords in the screen text, captions, hashtags, cover, and even in the spoken content of your video. Using the keyword frequently and in various places ensures that the platform's algorithm recognizes your content as relevant to the targeted keyword.

2. Utilize TikTok's Search Feature

If you don't want to clutter your video with text, add frequently searched keywords relevant to your video, shrink them to their smallest size, and drag them just off the screen. Be careful not to delete them accidentally. To find these keywords, type one into TikTok's search bar and review the populated search options. These are common search terms related to your keyword, providing valuable insight into what people are searching for on TikTok.

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3. Learn from Previous Videos

Analyze your older and more successful videos to refine your TikTok SEO strategy. Identify which keywords in hashtags or spoken content attracted more TikTok viewership. Consider reposting popular videos with a fresh angle after some time, as TikTok often displays your content to new users.

4. Use Popular Songs and Engagement Baiting

If a song is popular, it's a good idea to create a TikTok using that song. Engagement baiting, such as encouraging users to click buttons or leave comments, can significantly boost engagement. Adding calls to action (CTAs) can work wonders for your video’s performance.

5. Adapt to Algorithmic Changes and Trends

Given the short attention spans of many users, optimizing your video length is crucial. Research the average video length in your niche to ensure your content aligns with viewer preferences. Participating in trends and using trending songs can also enhance your video's visibility.

6. Incorporating SEO in the Video Script

Research is critical to making your videos more SEO-friendly. Search for your topic, adjust search settings to filter results by total likes and recent time frames, and note long-tail keywords from "Others searched for." Incorporate these keywords naturally in your script, especially in the first 3-5 seconds to hook viewers on TikTok.

7. SEO-Oriented Captions and Descriptions

Captions serve a dual role in viewer engagement and SEO. Use the increased character limit to write detailed descriptions, incorporating keywords naturally. Aim for 3,000 characters in your description, including hashtags within the 4,000-character limit.

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8. Hashtags and Custom Covers for SEO

Consider your account size when selecting hashtags. Instead of chasing highly competitive hashtags, use long-tail keywords that better match your content and audience size. 

A custom cover is the thumbnail image that represents your video, and it’s the first thing users see when browsing through TikTok. Designing an eye-catching cover improves the chances of your video appearing in search results and on the "For You" page. 

9. Continuous Monitoring

  • Monitor your keyword performance by looking for your keywords in the "Find related content" box. Adjust your strategy based on what works.
  • Additionally, you can add UTMs to the link in your TikTok profile. By using one of the UTM parameters, you can specifically indicate that the traffic is coming from your TikTok profile. This method allows you to monitor and analyze the source of your visitors accurately.
  • You can also place a shortened link in your TikTok bio. Most link shortener services provide click statistics, giving you insights into the traffic generated from your TikTok profile. This approach not only helps in tracking but also keeps your bio neat and easy to read. 

10. Optimizing Your TikTok Shop

For businesses with a TikTok Shop, SEO strategies extend to your product listings. Use descriptive titles and keywords in your product descriptions to improve discoverability. Engaging videos that showcase your products in use can also drive traffic and sales.

11. Collaborating with Other Creators

Collaboration with influencers can significantly enhance your reach. Cross-promotion allows you to tap into another creator's audience. For example, when TikToker Zach King collaborated with McDonald's, both gained visibility. Collaborations can take various forms, including appearing in each other's videos or using each other's products.

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