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Podcaster Gets 200,000 Views on Shorts Created With
Customer Stories
March 18, 2024

Podcaster Gets 200,000 Views on Shorts Created With

Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read

Read how Dave Morrow, The Hard to Kill podcast host, went from 200 to 5,000 subscribers on YouTube within months using high-quality shorts created by 

Q. What’s your use case of

The main reason why I wanted to use something like was to increase the volume of short-form content for The Hard to Kill podcast. So it's really improved the pace at which I'm able to get out shorts and medium-length videos and clips from my long-form podcast conversations.

Typically, I like to get out four to five shorts as a way to promote the podcast on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube Shorts before it's launched. And then typically, I'll take three to four of the best four to five-minute long videos from the long-form content with the intent of trying to generate more interest in the long-form content and post those on social media.

Q. Prior to, how were you handling content repurposing?

As a one-man operation, it was very difficult to get enough short-form content out in a reasonable amount of time, and it was taking up way too much of my daily activities for it to be of any benefit. So typically I just wouldn't. And until I found, I was struggling because I was just focusing on the long-form content to get that out in audio and video format, but the short-form content was essentially non-existent. So thankfully I was able to find your content repurposing service, and now I've been able to get out regular videos, typically one a day, which is actually quite easy, and I'd like to double or triple that in the near future.

Q. How much time have you saved by using

Per week, at least three to four hours easily.

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Q. Can you describe your video editing workflow with 

Yeah, absolutely. Once the long-form content is created and I decide which episode to publish, I upload the edited video to the platform. Then, I start with the IntelliClips, which are usually good and require only minor tweaks. This gives me four shorts right away.'s automatic subtitling has been 90 to 95% accurate, saving me time and ensuring correct transcriptions. Adding pre-saved audio to the shorts saves time. The ability to add audio and access B-roll clips in one place is convenient and eliminates the need for additional subscriptions to other platforms. I can schedule or post directly to platforms using, avoiding the need for reposting using another tool. 

Scheduling posts has provided consistency for my audience and saved me time. Additionally, the AI captions feature for auto-generating captions for social media has been beneficial in streamlining my posting process.

Q. How well does the IntelliClip feature identify the hooks of your videos?

Typically, like 80 to 90% of the time, IntelliClips nails the shorts right out of the park. So I don't have to do much. I usually just add some context to the cover of the short to make it relevant. 

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Q. How do you ensure your videos are on brand with

I've saved templates on, which saves a lot of time. I typically use only two templates for short-form content, and for longer form content, I have a template and fonts saved within the app. So for content creators,’s branding kit streamlines the process.

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Q. What results did you get on social media after using

I went from 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel to over 5,000. I was consistent with my videos with, because of which I was able to get a video that really blew up and hit over 200,000 views. And that was all thanks to because I was able to actually get the videos out in a timely manner.

Q. Where do you see repurposing videos going in the future in terms of reach? 

One of the main reasons why I wanted to get on board with was because I have three years worth of unpublished content that absolutely needs to get published and put out on social media. Manually repurposing content was too big of a task. I was never going to get through it. So now with the ability to upload, edit and publish a video using, I'm able to get through that content now a lot quicker and a lot more efficiently than if I were to just do it manually. 

The content game has changed over the last five years. Having low-grade content is not going to attract the eyeballs like it used to. So on top of improving my ability to create good long-form content, have good interviews, the video editing side has to match that as well. And that's where I see really fitting that need of mine.

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