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How Helps Podcast Host Repurpose His Video Content in <1 Hour
Customer Stories
October 31, 2023

How Helps Podcast Host Repurpose His Video Content in <1 Hour

Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read

Read how streamlines content repurposing and boosts Instagram and YouTube engagement for Mike Montague, host of the popular How to Succeed podcast. 

How has content repurposing contributed to you getting more business for Playful Humans?

When I can break up my longform content into a bunch of different social media posts and create more micro content, I get a lot more views. I also get more exposure in front of an audience who wouldn't listen to a 30-minute podcast or watch a full 30-minute YouTube video. I think repurposing my content is really important for advertising because I'm not necessarily monetizing the podcast itself. I'm looking for people to recognize me as an industry expert and as a thought leader. 

How were you previously handling specific problems which made you switch to How did those attempts turn out?

I've been podcasting for eight years. So when I first started podcasting, I was doing it all myself. I was editing all the audio. Then I added video to it, and I had to learn video editing skills, and that took much longer, and I was really spending a lot of time. To find clips, I had to watch the entire 30-minute interview. It was taking hours to do it. As soon as I had the money for it, I decided to outsource video editing to a company overseas, but it was about $600 a month. And the hardest part for them, I think, was knowing what content is important for me. So they might pick a one-minute clip for a short out of the podcast. But it's not the part that was most interesting to the target audience that I'm trying to reach. So I was paying a lot of money for not what I wanted.

How did resolve the issues you were experiencing?

When I discovered, I found that breaking up those video clippings and selecting the ones I needed became much easier. The ability to save templates allows me to quickly apply a template, choose the desired clip, export it, and make minor adjustments like trimming edges or refining it with transcripts. As a result, I can usually complete this process in less than an hour. In fact, I can create a clip in 15 minutes or less for the highlight reels. Typically, I create three to five different clips and shorts for each video, and it takes me less than an hour to schedule them, write the accompanying posts, and finalize everything. So, when I record the How to Succeed podcast, I promptly upload the recordings to and proceed to schedule all the posts. Within just an hour of recording the show, all the promotional work is finished, which is truly fantastic. 

How would you say the short-form content you're creating using has impacted your social media presence?

The Instagram reels and YouTube shorts I create using get a lot more engagement than regular posts or longform video content. I also repurpose them for LinkedIn and Tiktok. And when I combine all of those with blogs and other types of content, then I get a full marketing plan. The best part is I'm not paying a huge marketing agency, I can repurpose my podcast using

What are your favorite features of the Pro Plan?

I think the best feature is the saved templates. Mine aren't really fancy. But being able to stack videos horizontally or vertically for the shorts is incredible. That would take a ton of time to manually edit. I also utilize for crafting summary posts. automatically selects the video chapters for me, and handles the chapter descriptions. Now, my role is mainly about making minor adjustments, editing, and scheduling. This combination of tools helps me stay on brand, on schedule, and leaves me time to do the things I love, such as interviewing people, having fun on the podcast, and writing jokes for the podcast. And I'm not spending 90% of my time editing, publishing, creating marketing content, or writing descriptions for videos that I recorded weeks or months ago. So having all that done within an hour of the show was a huge deal for me.

How would you say has helped you eliminate guesswork?

I believe there are two significant aspects here. When I consider, the AI component plays a crucial role in overcoming the writer's block or creative block that often accompanies starting with a blank page. When I sit down to edit a half-hour video or an hour-long keynote, I'm faced with the daunting task of watching the entire content and waiting for inspiration to strike. Do I remember all the important parts? Do I have a clear plan, or do I need to devise one for determining which content goes where?

When I upload the content to, it promptly provides a structure: ‘Here are 25 one-minute shorts and 12 clips. You decide.’ This eliminates the paralysis of the blank page and offers an outline to work from. I can then proceed to edit with ease. If I encounter a subpar moment, perhaps I stumbled over words or it wasn't the best clip, I can easily choose an alternative. This approach minimizes the uncertainty of not knowing what to select.

The same applies to generating captions for videos. Even if I don't entirely agree with the AI's caption suggestion, it serves as a starting point. I can then refine it to better convey the intended message. This process allows me to use my time and effort for editing rather than starting from scratch. It's a significant game-changer.

How has’s AI captioning feature helped you expedite video production?

Captions play a crucial role for those who either mute the audio or for those whose first language isn't English. These two features alone significantly boost engagement and expand the reach of content.

Let me emphasize how much time and money I've saved using’s AI captioning feature. Previously, I had to pay others to transcribe my podcasts, and sometimes the quality wasn't great. It cost around 10 cents per minute, and on top of that, I had to review and correct those transcripts before posting them on YouTube or other platforms. I never even bothered manually adding captions to the videos because it was too time-consuming.

With, the game has changed. I can upload transcripts and have them automatically added to the video, precisely where I want them, in the preferred aspect ratio. This not only saves time and effort but also enhances customer service and satisfaction. Users frequently inquired about turning on captions or having closed captions, and I didn't have an efficient solution for that until came into play.

What results did you get after using

I track three primary metrics at different stages of the content funnel: impressions and overall reach, viewership statistics, and the bottom-line impact on my business. Impressions and views are the top-of-funnel metrics that matter to me, as I'm not necessarily trying to monetize my videos. As a thought leader providing team-building and public speaking services, my goal is to show potential clients that I'm active, consistently sharing content, and always offering valuable insights. The use of has significantly increased the number of views and impressions due to my consistent posting.

In the middle of the funnel, I focus on podcast downloads, comments, engagements, and the number of subscribers. While I don't aggregate these across platforms extensively, getting around 5,000 to 10,000 engagements across various social media channels, especially when sharing the same clip on multiple platforms, has been substantial. 

The most crucial metric for me is the impact at the bottom of the funnel, translating into bookings, new clients, and speaking engagements. It's these tangible results that matter the most.

How has higher engagement translated into business for Playful Humans?

There are two significant aspects to consider. First, Playful Humans is designed to be experiential and fun, given the company's name. It can't be dull. By showcasing unique moments like jokes and games on my podcast, I can demonstrate the difference in experience compared to other thought leaders or keynote speakers. These moments help establish the brand's distinctiveness. Second, consistency is essential in avoiding burnout. If creating content becomes a tedious, time-consuming process, it leads to fatigue and even pod fade, where podcasters abandon their shows. By using, I can keep content creation quick, enjoyable, and progress-oriented. This tool allows me to focus on building my audience and clientele while automating other processes.

Given your positive experience with, how would you pitch this tool to fellow podcasters who are venturing into content repurposing?

I frequently engage with podcasters and have mentioned on several shows. I emphasize that it's a game-changing AI video editing tool. With, you merely upload your content, and within minutes, the platform processes it. You can take a short break and return to find all the heavy lifting done. Instead of editing the entire episode or outsourcing the task, you can effortlessly select highlights from your favorite moments. This not only saves time and money but also allows you to focus on building your audience and connecting with people. 

Many podcasters, especially those starting out, are concerned about saving resources and maximizing their efforts. is a no-brainer investment, providing substantial monetary and time savings. It simplifies video repurposing and lets you concentrate on the fun part of podcasting—building your audience. 

One tip for podcasters: Before recording, consider the moments you'd like to include in your content, as this will make repurposing easier and more effective. Having predefined segments, like a "Joke of the Week," unique questions, or engaging games, ensures you capture great clips effortlessly, setting you up for success in repurposing your content with

Sign up on the app today to get top moments from your videos auto generated without requiring editing chops. 

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