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Founder Uses to Drive Traffic to Long Form Videos

Founder Uses to Drive Traffic to Long Form Videos

January 24, 2024
5 min
Neelabja Adkuloo
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Neelabja Adkuloo
5 min read
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Read how Robert Peterson, owner of Legacy Roadmap Consulting, helps businesses increase their profit and revenue by using shorts created by

Q. How does video repurposing executed using align with your marketing strategy?

In 2021, we launched a podcast, recording it in both video and audio formats. For the first year and a half, our team manually noted brilliant quotes from guests, noting timings. Video editing in Adobe Premiere was time-consuming, resulting in clips that were never quite right. With, we can effortlessly cut five to ten-minute clips into 30-second to one-minute video clippings using AI, tailored for various platforms. The AI chooses the clips, eliminating the need for manual note-taking. Video repurposing has significantly streamlined our podcast production.

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Q. What are your favourite features of

Within 30 minutes of importing the video on, the clips are cut, saved, and uploaded onto social media.

The automatic identification of clips based on guest statements is a standout feature. It uses the actual text, ensuring perfect timing from the beginning to the end of a statement. also provides automatic captions and social media descriptions practically instantaneously, making it a powerful tool for quick clip creation.

Our team used to spend hours on long-form videos, but now, with, it takes a matter of minutes. The AI's ability to choose clips based on virality score is better than manual selection, saving us time and improving the impact of our podcast content on the masses.

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Q. How do you maintain consistency in messaging in your videos with

The team adds branding during the captioning process, including the logo and name. Consistency is maintained by using similar backgrounds saved in the branding kit for each clip, aligning with our overall messaging.

Also, there's been a noticeable shift in audience engagement due to consistent captioning and branding. The consistent appearance has gained traction, positively impacting audience reception.

Q. How much time do you save with, and what do you do with the extra time saved?

The team saves a significant amount of time, making them happier and more efficient. While it hasn't directly impacted me, the extra time has been allocated to other aspects of the business. The ease of use has led to increased video production for our podcast - Legacy Roadmap.

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Q. What results have you witnessed after using

Our social presence has increased with more impressions on our video posts. The ease of cutting clips has allowed us to post multiple times a day, sometimes twice a day.

Q. What role do you see playing in the future of short-form content generation?

It will only get better, especially for repurposing seminar content into short-form clips. As we transition from podcasts to digital seminars, will play a crucial role in cutting the right clips and promoting content. Shorts, especially on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, will continue to be powerful for growing an audience.

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